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Saturday, April 25, 2015

The 5th Hour Challenge - Closed

Welcome to My Little Pocketbooks 
5th Hour Challenge!

This awesome read-a-thon is hosted by DEWEY'S 24 HOUR READ-A-THON

Right now it's 9:00 am here is Los Angeles, California.
How are you feeling? Just waking up and had your coffee yet.  Second cup?
 Well...You have been reading for 5-ish hours now.  And I know you are eying your  food reserve. 
Would a Challenge get your mind off of it?  Get you motivated and focused a bit?  
What about an easy challenge with a great return?  
That's what I thought!  
This challenge is based off of a monthly post I used to do here at My Little Pocketbooks called
 Do you have an image of the main character in your head the whole time while your reading?  Do you cast the characters like a pro Casting Director on a major motion picture?
With so many books being made into films you just might get to see that book on the big screen sooner than you think.  

Take the book you are currently reading and cast the main character only.

Post in the comments section below the following:
1.  Book title and author
2.  Character name and brief description
3.  Actor name (pictures are great too)
4.  Tell me why you picked that actor
5.  How can I contact you?
Book: Can You Keep A Secret? by Sophie Kinsella 
Character: Emma Corrigan (a young British woman) 
 Actor: Emily Blunt. 
Why: I think she would be perfect because she has the awkward British girl thing down. 
Contact: littlepocketbooks at gmail dot com

One (1) winners will get a $5.00USD Amazon Gift Card Code emailed to them

Must be signed up as a participant in the Read-A-Thon.
Must be able to accept a gift card code via email.
Challenge will be open for 2 hours (Closes at Hour 7)

You may leave all this info in the comments below. 
Winner will be picked by
(Click the image for a sample post)
Good Luck to you all!

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