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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dewey's Read-A-Thon 2013: Hour 5 -8

 Hourly Updates!

9:00 am
 hosted by:  The Estella Society
Here are the instructions for this hours mini-challenge
Post a self-portrait on Twitter, Instagram, or your blog. Be sure to tag #readathon and #hour5! You can also link to your post below.
We are not judging your hair style or the size of your coffee cup, so we’ll pick the winner of this one randomly. :D  
Thoughts for the hour:  The new book I started is boring me and I almost fell asleep.  So there is a new game plan.  Jump in the shower have an audiobook of Wonder playing and get myself up out of this bed.  Then see if the other book is still making me sleepy.  Off to the showers and into a comfy sun dress.  Post shower picture above.
 10:00 am
Hour 6
Book Puzzle
hosted by: One Librarian's Book Review
Rule for this mini-challenge are
Now it's your turn to create your own Book Puzzle (or you can create more than one - they are quite fun).  Once you've posted your puzzle on your blog or wherever, come back and leave me the direct link to your puzzle below.  And be sure to visit others' puzzles - it's lots of fun to guess!

Can you guess these two book puzzles?
Number One:
Number 2:

Thoughts so far:  The audiobook helped.  Back to reading Angelology.  Maybe I will sit outside for awhile.  It's such a nice day today.
11:00 am
Hour 7
Best and Worst Cover
hosted by: Reading My Way Through Life
New Mini-Challenge rules
...look up one of the books you're reading for the read-a-thon on Goodreads or Amazon, pick out two or three covers and describe which one you like the best, which one you like the least and why.
The challenge will run until 10pm Central European Summer Time (or 2 hours in other words) at which time the winner will be selected randomly from all entries.

Wonder by R. J. Palacio
US Cover 
I love this cover much more.  Something about simple, clean designs that really appeal to me.

UK Cover

Thoughts so far:  Just finished a bottle of water and my first snack.  Granola Bar!  On to the bag of nuts.  The only bad thing about reading outside is the blindness that comes when you walk inside to do an update.  LOL!  Keep reading ya'll!  Love this audiobook by the way.
12:00 pm
Hour 8
Book Sentence
hosted by: Midnight Book Girl and The Fake Steph Dot Com
Rules, Rules, Rules!
For this mini-challenge, you need to create a sentence using the titles of books.  You must use every word in the title, but you can add punctuation.  Take a picture and upload to your blog, goodreads, twitter, tumblr... wherever you are participating! 

Here is my picture:  The day the falls stood still, Ghana must go a long way from home.
(It kinda...maybe...a little...i think ....makes sense)

Thoughts (I know you want to know)
I am going to take a break and eat my BBQ Chopped Salad.  So far, I finished one book, 60 pages of another book, 25% of an audiobook.  I love that I am getting caught up.  Hopefully, I will finish another one or maybe even two more.  *wishful thinking*

How are you doing on your reading? 

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