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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dewey's Read-A-Thon 2013: Hour 1-4

5:00 am
Hour 1
Introductory Questionnaire
hosted by:  Dewey's Read A Thon
1) What fine part of the world are you reading from today? Los Angeles, Ca
2) Which book in your stack are you most looking forward to? I am going to finish the last 50 pages of Can You Keep a Secret? by Sophie Kinsella first because I need to find out what happened!!!
3) Which snack are you most looking forward to? I have a BBQ Chopped Salad that was so good yesterday at lunch I had to get some for today.  Yummy!
4) Tell us a little something about yourself!  Ummm!  Hi!  Alysia here.  It's 5am and I am in my PJ's with my laptop in bed right now.  I have my book and a protein shake and water on my night stand for my first snack/meal.  *shrug* What else?  *thinking*  Pass.
5) If you participated in the last read-a-thon, what’s one thing you’ll do different today? If this is your first read-a-thon, what are you most looking forward to?  This is my fourth (maybe) read-a-thon and I love this event.  Alexis @ReflectionsofaBookaholic first told me about it and I have been apart of it ever since.  This year I am going to read more.  Socialize less.  Eat healthier.  (Stop laughing!)  and I am so looking forward to finishing a book or two this year.
 6:00 am
Hour 2
Book Spine Poetry
hosted by: Scuffed Slippers and Wormy Books 
For this hours mini challenge we have to
  • Using the titles on book spines, make a short poem at least three "books" long/tall. 
  • Don't worry about form or meter or anything like that.  Just have fun!  And don't over-think it - I did the one pictured above in about ten minutes.
  • Take a picture of your book spine poem, post it on your blog/Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram/etc., then paste the permalink to that post in the comments to this post.
So here is my book spine poem
 Across the Universe
Even the Stars Look Lonesome
Beneath A Marble Sky
For One More Day
I know I have zero poerty skills but what do except from 6:55 am creativity.  LOL!
Thoughts so far:  I am so happy I got the audiobook with me because just reading this book would have not been easy.  I mean laying in bed from 5am to 6:30am with a book is hard.  I should have gone to the sofa.  But the first two hours are done!  Yeah!
7:00 am
Hour 3
 Book Appetite
hosted by: Book Journey
Check Out the description and rules of this mini-challenge:
".. for this mini challenge if you choose to accept it, I will be asking you to come up a menu to go along with your current read or one of the books in your reading pile for today. Now… imagine that you have friends coming over to discuss the book with you. You have prepared food and beverage items to go with your meeting (money…. is no object). And what I need to see from you is:
1. Book title and author
2. The menu, food, beverage, you can even go as far as background music, decorations…. have fun with this!
3. You will receive an additional entry if you create a drink to go with your book event and give it a name
4. While you are welcome to post your response in the comments below, you will receive an additional entry if you leave a comment AND link up to a post about this on your own blog. (Linky available below)
Beverage: The watermelon drink from pg. 179
I would call it the "Scrumptious"  That is how Emma described it in the book. 
Appetizers:  Roasted Peppers from pg. 179
Main Course: Fish and Chips 
(because the book takes place in London and that is very British)
Desert:  Sweet Cherry Cobbler
(Emma loves to drink sweet cherry.  That is one of many of her secrets)
Sweet Cherry Cobbler
Photo By: Romulo Yanes
Click the picture for the recipe
Thoughts so far:  Finished my first book.  Yippie!  That is why I am taking a break to update.  Do a few mini-challenges and stretch.
8:00 am
Hour 4
Retitled Your Current Book
hosted by: Geeky Blogger Book Blog
 The rules for this one are
  • Take your current read or the one you just finished.
  • ReTitle it with something clever
  • Post to your blog, twitter, facebook, or goodreads with your snazzy new title!
Book:  Can You Keep A Secret?
New Title: OMG!  Did I just say that?
 Emma (the main character) keeps saying things she did not intent for people to hear.  Very funny!

Thoughts so far:  I have just spend from 7am to 8am doing stuff and not reading at all.  Since I finished my first book there was a few things I just had to do.  Update my reading statues on Goodreads, on my blog and on Dewey's Readathon page.  Finish three mini-challenges.  Make a shake.  And wham!  An hour has passed.  By the way...did you know the sun is up?  When did that happen?

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