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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Quicky Review #27: The Shadowed Road

Welcome back to another Quicky Review everyone.
A lot of the time I like to read short stories, prequels and free audiobooks that are short and sweet.  But why do a full review on a book that is say...80 pages long.  So I do Quicky Reviews for the shorties and children books as well.  Basically, the short stories get short reviews.
Here is just a few sentences on one children's comic book from this month.
There are other Quicky Reviews for you to check out too and don't worry there will be more to come. I like short stories because most of them are FREE and I can get in and out of one in no time.
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The Shadowed Road 
Author: W.L. Liberman
Illustrator: Janine Carrington 
Genre: Children's Comic Book
Age Range: 8 - 14 years old
Publisher: TEACH Magazine; 1 edition
Release Date: February 1, 2012
 Source: Free from E-Library

 Book Description

The Shadowed Road follows the fortunes of feisty 14-year old, Selome Fekadu. She lives in rural Ethiopia and dreams of becoming a teacher. Denied the opportunity to continue her education, she runs away to the capital city, Addis Ababa. Along the way, Selome has many encounters and adventures while her angry father chases after her. The book is also part of a larger, interactive, digital educational project. The project is designed for the 21st century middle school learner. Universal themes such as global citizenship, human rights, democracy and access to education are explored in the graphic novel and in the larger project. Readers have the opportunity to decide Selome's fate by choosing an ending to the story. Take the journey with Selome as she travels along The Shadowed Road.

My Thoughts

This is a good story that I think is missing the overall moral.  The end of the book is like a choose your own adventure.  The illustrations are basic and I would love to have more dialog.  The last pages are for a teacher or parent in how to use the book.    

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