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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I Want to Know...About You Two

Last month, I posted an "All About You" post where I asked you (reader, yes you) 10 questions.
I totally enjoyed getting to know more about you all.  Thanks for participating.  So let's do it again.
Are you ready?
 I promise it will be painless and a bit of fun. 
Now that's more like it.  LOL!  Here we go.

Topic this week


1.  What is your favorite fashion trend? 
I love scarfs and I am so happy there are back in style.

2.  What current fashion trend do you hate?
OMG!  What is up with the printed leggings.  Cats!  Really!  Not cute! No No No!

3. Do you have a book bag?
I don't but I am thinking about getting one.  I have an everything bag at the moment.
4.  Do you have a favorite place to shop?
I love Old Navy, H&M, and TJMaxx at the moment.  They have great items for a great price.
5.  Do like online shopping or in store shopping?
6.  Tell us about your new favorite item you purchased for yourself.
I just bought a new pair of black p.j. They are so summer comfortable.
7.  Favorite color?
I love them all.  No really I do!
8.  The last time you told someone they looked "great"?
Hmm...  Sunday at church.
9.  Name three things in you pocketbook right now?
iphone, new lip gloss from Mac "TrancePlant", sunglasses.
10.  Do you follow fashion trends?
No.  Not at all.

Now it's your turn!!
Tell me about you. I wanna know.  You answer in the comments section below or on your blog.  If you post it on your blog, just stop back over here and leave a link so I can visit and read your answers.  Thanks.

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