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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I Want to Know...About You

Today, I was thinking about you.  Yes!  You!  The readers that stop by My Little Pocketbooks.  The ones that keep coming back and those that stop by once in awhile, I was thinking about you today.  I am always blogging about me and talking about my reading habits, my likes and dislikes.  I know that can't be to exciting for you.  LOL!  So today I want to take a moment to get to know you.  I think I might do this more than once maybe monthly.   
Here is how this is going to work.  Below I will post ten questions for you to answer.  You can answer them in the comment section below or post the answers on your blog.  If you do that just come back here and leave a link in the comment section so I can stop by and read your answers.  This is not a hop or meme, just something that ran across my mind at 8 am on Monday morning in the office after my first cup of tea.  
Ready! It will be easy, I promise and hopefully fun!
1. Name please.
If you have a nickname tell me what is it and where did you get it from.  I'm Alysia (pronounced A - LEE - C - Ya)  if you are new to the blog but my family members call me Lysa.  It came from my grandmother (mom's mom) not being about to say my name.  So she chopped it and everyone else followed her.  

2.  What city, state, county are you in right now?
I'm currently in Downtown Los Angeles, California.

3.  Name three things on your left.
Office phone, cup of green tea with lemon, box of Kleenex.

4.  How many books do you read a month on average?
I am a slllooowww reader so about 4 to 5 a month for me.

5.  If you could change one thing about the last book you read, what would it be?  Tell us the name of the book too.
My last read was Hidden Gallery by Maryrose Wood.  I would change just one thing about that book and that would be the unanswered questions left behind at the end of the book.  It's book #2 out of 4 and I know that in the next book I might have answers but DANG!  There are just so many.

6.  Do the books you read influence your dreams at night?
For me this happens sometimes.  Mostly when I read a really vivid passage where a plot twist is sitting in the middle of it all.  That night I will be in the mist of it. 

7.  How are you doing on your reading challenges?  How many did you sign up for?
I signed up for 11 and I just joined another one.  I am doing ok with most of them and I finished one.  I am sucking at the one I am hosting.  LOL!  WOW!  I never saw that one coming.  

8.  If you have 2 extra hours a day that no one else could get, what would you do?

9.  Is there a book on your bookshelf not getting any love at all from you and the book blogging community?  If so, shout it out.
The Last Dickens: A Novel by Matthew Pearl has been on my bookshelf since it came out in 2009.  Hopefully I will read it this year. 

10.  Each one teach one moment.  Tell us about an app, software, program you have just found out about and love.  
 I found out about  It makes your images come to life.  I love it and I think all book bloggers should use it.  LOVE IT!

Now it's your turn!!
Tell me about you. I wanna know.  

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