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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Review: Dark Sons
Dark Son
Author: Nikki Grimes
Genre: Children's Novel in Verse
Publisher:  Zondervan
Release Date: August 10, 2010
Audiobook: 1 hour and 38 minutes
Narrator:  Dion Graham

Source: Free from E-library

Book Description

Sam can't believe it when his father leaves the family to marry another woman-and a white woman, at that. The betrayal cuts deep-Sam had been so close to his dad, and idolized him. Now who can he turn to, who can he trust? Even God seems to have ditched him. Ishmael is his father's first son, the heir, his favorite. But when his father is visited by mysterious strangers who claim that Abraham's wife, Sarah, will finally give birth to a son, Ishmael is worried. And when baby Isaac arrives, Ishmael becomes more isolated from his father. Could Abraham's God, who had spoken to Ishmael's mother, to whom he has made countless sacrifices, now betray him in favor of this new son?


What a beautiful novel!  I come across this audiobook from the e-library recommendation list and I am happy the library recommended it to me.
This children's audiobook is written in verse.  Yes a full story written in verse.  Honestly, this is the first I have heard of this (not including nursery rhymes).  
Sam's heartbreaking story starts off with his father moving out and leaving him as the man of the house.  Sam's mother quickly falls into depression and is not there for Sam during this difficult time as he grows into become a real man.  Dad's favorite son soon becomes the weekend big brother to a new half-baby brother.  
Century before, a paralleling story played out with Ishmael and his father.  Ishmael is the oldest and only son of Abraham until Isaac is born to Sarah in her extremely old age.  Ishmael and his mother are abandoned and left out as Abraham's love and attention shifts.   
The story is well written and the time period of each of the boys is clear and vivid.  I really thought the author Nikki Grimes did a wonderful job of expressing the pain a young teenage boy would/could go through when his father leaves.  
Both boys stories center around their believes and faith in God.  It was nice to see a main male character of color actively involved in his church.  
The narrator was excellent.  Dion Graham changed his voice a bit and it came across clearly when the characters changed.  I felt there were a few times when the accent he gave Ishmael was lost and it felt like he forgot to carry it all the way through.  But overall I recommend this one.  I am interested in seeing the book itself and seeing if there are any illustrations or artwork.   

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I recommend this book to teens due to a few "strong words" and a touch of sexual reference.


This book is number 7 in my Diversity on the Shelf Reading Challenge
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Dark Sons

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