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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bloggiesta 2014: Wrap Up 
 Another Bloggiesta done! 
I have to pat myself on the back for this one.  I have to say I rocked it!  No really I did!!
Here is the low down.
Mini-Challenges I Worked On
1.  Amanda Shofner: How to Tackle Google+ (@amshofner)
This is still a work in progress because I have two accounts that I am trying to merge into one.
2.  Rebecca from Love at First Book: Twitter List Tutorial (@RebeccaScags)
I made a Twitter list called Book Events.  And that is where BEA and RTConvention will go.
Click here to see my new Twitter list (Work in progress)
3.  Stacy from The Novel Life: Conferences and Blogging Classes (@thenovellife)
I did my list of events for the state of California. 

Bloggiesta Progress

- Visited and left comments on 20 blogs.
Mocha Girls Read website
1.  Add new Book of the Month to Widget
2.  Add new Newsletter to side bar and Newsletter page.
3.  Remove old read-a-long widget
4.  Remove old ads
5.  Prep May nomination and voting post 
 I also:
Updated the Wordpress Plug-ins
Added April's Book of the Month to the Book Club's Amazon book store.

My Little Pocketbooks blog
1.  Update Widgets in the side bar
2.  Update Library and Challenge pages
3.  Create post for April's D.O.T.S. reading challenge
4.  Complete one week of post. - Just a few days but not the whole week as planned.
5.  Clean up Feedly by removing 100 out of 300 blogs. - I could not find 100 blogs to remove.  I think I removed a total of 25 blogs that no longer blog or haven't posted in the over one month.  But this has lead to a great idea for a monthly post I will be doing starting in April.  Check back to see it go live on the first Friday of April.   
6.  Visit other blogs.
7.  If time permits finish as many book reviews and mini reviews as possible. - Finished only one book review.  
I also:
Joined the Twitter party on Sunday evening.
Started a new weekly post I will feature here.  First one goes up on Friday 4/4
I am happy with my Bloggiesta progress this time around.  OLÉ!!  
By the way, I am glad Bloggiesta was an extra day.  I loved that!!!
How did you do on your Bloggiesta to do list?

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