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Saturday, January 11, 2014

How to Rock Radiant Orchid

If you missed it, the Gods of Color at Pantone have announced the new it color for 2014. Yes there is a color for the new year. Last year was all about Emerald Green and this year it is Radiant Orchid. Think of this bold color as purple with a hint of red. Just a touch but not to much.  
I love color and unlike most people I don't have one favorite over another.  I love them all equally for different reasons.  But I understand that most people shy away from color and are like deers in headlights when it comes to putting colors together.  Here is a complete non-professional opinion on adding Radiant Orchid to your wardrobe.   Disclaimer time.  I am not a professional stylist I just like to pick, mix and match and I did not deffer to anyone about this. 
Ok??   Ok!
In my humble opinion you don't want to wear this color from head to toe because you might run the risk of looking like one of the following...
To make it easy on you and me let's start with ummmmm.....I don't know....maybe a radiant orchid color PURSE.  LOL!  It's summer time and you have a cute summer dress in red or salmon.  Be bold sister girl and get a cute bag for that "pop" of color.  Now just finish it off with a pair of sandals in a nude color to show off your pedicure.
Handbag Shown:
Marc by Marc Jacobs Too Hot To Handle Mini Drawstring Bag
Now when summer comes to an end most people quickly jump into the darker colors and earth tones.  Try adding your new radiant orchid pocketbook to a pair of jeans and a long sleeve top in a earthy taupe or tan color.  Since the weather is getting a bit cooler at night you can layer the colors with a dark brown jacket.  The pocketbook will stand out and keep you from looking lost in the crowd.
Handbag Shown:
Valextra Medium Boston Bag
$2,790 via Barneys
Arrghh!!!! Winter!!!  Nothing but longer nights and colder days but not for you fashionista.  This is your time to do some holiday travel. And that means you need a purse to carry it all for your flights and don't forget the holiday gifts.  (Along with a good book too!)  To keep you warm and toasty, get your black boots and black leggings out, top it off with a warm cashmere sweater in an slate grey.  (Keep the all black for the holiday parties.) When you pair that with you Radiant Orchid pocketbook you will give the winter blues a kick in the butt.  LOL!  But really!  A woman adding a rich color into her winter wardrobe isn't afraid of having fun and trying new things.
Handbag Shown:
When spring hits it's you time to blossom.  This year, get a new Easter dress in a soft yellow or a sunshine yellow, something that screams Spring is Here!  Add your new radiant orchid pocketbook and enjoy the compliments you will be getting.  If you are really bold add a pair of matching heels to get your bold woman of color on.   
Handbag Shown:
Women's Small Fulton Messenger - MICHAEL Michael Kors
I ran across a few blog post about the color of the year and purses. Check out these links.
Is radiant orchid aka purple a color you might rock this year?

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