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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Color of 2014

Radiant Orchid

Every year Pantone (the gods of color and naming color) names the color of the year.  This years color is soothing and it screams zen.
Now that they have announced the color of the year, trust me, you will see it every where.  Furniture designers, costume designers, fashion designers and mostly everyone with the title of DESIGNER will have new and of course cute products out in this color.  Purses too!
Some of us call it Purple or Lavender but this year it's new name is Radiant Orchid.  
Of course I made a Pinterest board for this new 2014 color of the year.
 The board as a bit of everything to give you a few wardrobe, room and even craft ideas.
By the way, if you are asking yourself what is radiant orchid I think I  might be able to clear it up a bit.  Just think of purple then add a touch of red to it.  Then Voila!  You got it! 

So what are your thoughts on this new color of the year?  Can you see yourself in a room this color or wearing it?  Do you think there will be more books released with radiant orchid covers?

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