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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Oct '13 Read-A-Thon Updates: Hour 17 - 20

So close we are almost there!!!
Dewey's 24 Read-A-Thon
9:00 pm
Hour 17

Mini challenges host
Have You Seen That Meme? from My Little World
Create a literary meme.

Sorry it sucks but I can't really think right now.  LOL!  My brain is on reading only.
Bookish Travel from A Reader’s Respite
 Tell me about the best location a book has taken you to. Perhaps a book really did inspire you to physically go some where.  Tell me.  Or perhaps a book took you somewhere in your mind so completely that you don't even need to visit in real life.  Tell me.

I loved The Shoemaker's Wife by Adriana Trigiani.
This book was amazing because it gives you a amazing sense of Italy at the turn of century.  The food, the landscape, the smells.  It was all there!  


10:00 pm
Hour 18
Mini challenge host
Book Jenga from Curiosity Killed the Bookworm
1. Build a tower of books*
2. Take a photo**
3. Comment with a link to your photo
OR Tweet @patchworkbunny your photo
4. Add yourself to the Rafflecopter
Books used for this tower are:
UnWholly (Unwind Dystology) by Neal Shusterman (bottom)
Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi
Getting to Happy by Terry McMillan (in the middle)
All of these books are on my TBR pile.
11:00 pm
Hour 19
Mini challenge host Show it Off! from Dead Book Darling
I want you to show off a book (or books) from your library that you are extremely proud of. The unique, signed or simply dear-to-your-heart editions that you’d grab if there were a fire.

 I have a few.  Most Anne Rice signed hardcovers and all.  Much love Anne.  But this one blew me away when it showed up in my mail almost two years ago.  I got a manuscript copy printed by the publishing company weeks before Oprah made it her book of the month.  How cool is that!?!  I'm just saying.  I need to get this signed!! (and take it off my TBR list)
Hour 20
Mini challenge host Let’s Get Social! from Doing Dewey
 -whenever you read a post, be thinking about a meaningful comment you can leave
- if someone comments on your blog, comment on theirs
- comment on 3-5 blogs ahead of you in every link up you add to
- talk to people on twitter
I am going to chat it up at TweetChat for a few minutes. 

Thoughts so far:
I see the light at the end of the tunnel now but I so sleepy!  Man o man!  I am reading SSLLOOOWWERR and SSSLLOOOWWERRR now.  I am only half into The wolf Gift and on level 233 in Candy Crush Saga.  I needed to get a hit every so often.  LOL!
Are you still reading too?

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