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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Commenting Confessions

This post is basically, more or less a rant confession about my commenting on your blog (and others)
First, let me say that I have a job.  A full time, one hour commute to work and one and half hour commute home, along with a work out schedule, a weekly dance class and a national book club to run and this blog.  I'm kinda busy!  And well...I don't comment...well...enough.  Heck, I rarely read other blogs on a regular bases.  I have my blog roll that I hit but the other day I noticed on another blog there were over 15 links to other blog post from the week.  When I click on the links there was a comment from them on each and every single one.  And I can't remember the blog at all right now.  ARGH!!
Needless to say, I had to ask myself "Am I commenting on other blogs enough?  Do I visit new blogs every month?  Every week?  Should I?" 
So I started to think about the whole commenting on blogs thing.  Slightly OCD'ed about it for an afternoon.  I first came up with a game plan.  Wanna hear it?  Ok, every Monday I would comment only on my blog roll blogs and Friday I would comment on the Book Blog Hop meme links.  Then on Tuesdays I would find a new blog and comment on their blog.  That would give me three days of commenting.  Well, that game plan came to a abrupt end when I hit the commenting wall.  
I HATE CAPTSHA!!  I really hate it so much so that I will NOT comment at all.  I am so over it.  I go through the process of getting to your blog, reading your blog post and then writing a comment.  And it's like I have to jump through hoops of fire and stick a perfect 10 landing to prove I am ME!  *breath*  It is sooooooooooooo discouraging.  
But I do it. Sometimes!
I just want it to be easy.  I would love just to text you all instead.
Why can't I text you? Never mind my whining.

And another you except replies to comments.  I mean when you leave a comment on someones blog do go back and look for a reply.  Do you check the email me a reply box under the comment? Hmmm!!!  Some bloggers reply to every single comment and some don't.  Which one is better?  (Is one better than the other?) Do you want a reply to your comments?

Ok!  One more thing.  Last thing.  Really!   Everyone has been talking about using an easy commenting system on your blog.  Something that does not have a long or hard log in.  I read one post that said (paraphrasing)  "Don't use a commenting system where people have to use Facebook or Twitter to log in."  Wait a minute!  If I host a giveaway for a $20.00 Amazon gift card and I have 30 ways to log in and follow me, most people will do it.  Right?  Have you seen those crazy 100 entries on Rafflecopter?  Like the ones I have on occasion.  Really?  I will leave that for another week. 
*stepping off the soap box* 
I feel better now.  Thanks!

Just tell me about your commenting habits.  Do you have any?  Is there a commenting day or schedule you follow?  How do you fit in your lives with reading and blogging and 

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