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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloween Pocketbooks

I love Halloween!  For basically two reasons, one the dress up and the candy!  That sounds like a perfectly good reason to celebrate to me!  Hehehehe!   This year I am having a hard time settling on a costume.  I think I might be a witch like I always do but completely go over board with it this year.  This is still a maybe.  *thinking*
Last year I posted a few post about purses and Halloween.  And this year I am going to do the same.  As I was jumping around the world wide web I ran across a few over the top and hot mess pocketbooks that would make great additions to your costumes.  Conversation pieces in a whole new light.  LOL!  Bags that NO ONE will have!  EVER!

First.... from last year
Now on to the purses that SCCCRREEAAMM halloween. (Click the images to find out more about these pocketbooks)
Halloween Parade Clutch Bag  $35.00

Halloween Costume Accessories Severed Zombie Leg Purse 
Severed Zombie Leg Purse $14.95

halloween witch pin up girl tote Halloween Pin Up Girl Tote 

Purple Bewitched Pinup Girls Retro Tote BAG or Diaperbag
  $24.99 $55.95

Blood-Covered Clutch Bags 
Blood-Covered Clutch Bag  

If you are a Dexter fan then the Blood Covered Clutch is perfect for you.  Just do me a favor and don't carry this one through TSA.  That would put a little hiccup in your travel plans.

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