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Friday, September 13, 2013

Fitness Friday #7: Fitbit Flex vs. Body Bug

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Welcome to Fitness Friday. Where I (and you) put down our books and talk about our fitness goals. As well as other fitness stuff!
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It has been awhile since I did a Fitness Friday post.  But I have been on and off my fitness routine.  After a few months on straight work-out burn out I'MMM BAACKKK!!
I have had several months using The Body Bugg before I moved on to The Fitbit Flex, I decided to make a list of the pros and cons of both.


The Cost
The Body Bugg has a cost of $149.00 for the device and then a monthly subscription from $4.00 a week to $6.95 a month.
The Fitbit Flex has a cost of $99.99 for the device and nothing after that.  
So one point for The Fitbit Flex.  It's much cheaper overall.

The Body Bugg needs to be worn on your upper arm and removed when you take a shower or get into any water.  
The Fitbit Flex is wore around your wrist like a watch and is completely water proof.
Another point for The Fitbit Flex.

Both of the devices need to be synced to your online account.  Both uses Bluetooth and can sync using an app on your phone or you can sync it to your computer.  
That makes a tie!

Battery Life
In my opinion I charge The Fitbit Flex a few times fewer than I charged The Body Bugg. But that is not a scientific answer, just my observation.
The Fitbit Flex gets another point.

Food Journal
Both, The Fitbit Flex and The Body Bugg have a daily food journal for you to input your meals.  Both of them have restaurant food listed as well as items you get from the supermarket.  I have found a few more options using The Fitbit Flex then The Body Bugg.  But The Body Bugg gives you more label information about the items you add to your food journal.  (ie. Vitamins, Iron, Calcium)  I wish both of them would update the food journals and add more items from popular restaurants.  This one is a tie.

Step and Calorie Counter
I have no way of checking which one is accurate.  They both track your daily steps and calories burned.  But it seems to me that The Body Bugg should have some feature to let you know where you are toward your goals.  The Fitbit Flex will send you a text and email to let you know how many steps you have till you reach your goal then vibrate when you hit your goal.  I love that! 
One point for The Fitbit Flex.

Feature One Has Over the Other
Both have a sleep feature.  This is great for tracking how you are sleeping during the night.

The Body Bugg has more measurement for you to input about your body.  Both of them have this feature but The Body Bugg has more detailed information for you to keep track of.
The Fitbit Flex has a water journal that keeps track of your water intake.  You just have to open the app and add water by oz.  The Body Bugg does not.

The Fitbit Flex has an alarm that will vibrate to wake you up at the time you set.  It will also re-vibrate if you don't do anything to turn it off. 
It's cool to compare your progress with your friends.   The Fitbit Flex has a "Friend" addition and it is the best.  You can encourage each other, track your progress against your friends, and see how they are doing.

The Fitbit Flex has a journal that you can just sit and type anything you want! Anything!  And there is a mood button too!  Keep track of your moods as well. 

My Thoughts
For me the joy of not taking it off to take a shower or to go swimming surpasses the other features.  There were several times I jumped in the shower and forgot The Body Bugg was on my arm.  Or I would take it off and take a quick shower and after getting dressed would leave home without putting it back on.  That is so frustrating! 
The look of The Body Bugg screams to everyone that you are doing something!  Everyone and their mama is going to ask you "What is that on your arm?"  No one even notices The Fitbit Flex. They just think it's a watch or a bracelet. 

When I was on The Body Bugg system was grey and called The Body Bugg.  The system has added more features since I used it.  Now it's called Body Media and it's white.  The apps and other computer features are new.  My subscription ended in March of this year and I started using The Fitbit Flex in July of this year. 

As you can tell I love The Fitbit Flex.  Are you using a calorie tracking system?  Which one and how do you like it?
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