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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: 50 Bookish Things

The Book Wheel
During Bloggiesta I participated in a mini-challenge hosted by The Book Wheel and Love at First Book.  
The challenge is to create a list of 50 Bookish Things you want to do before you kick the bucket.  
This took me awhile to get my list together.  After reading the other list from various bloggers, they all seem to be the same things in mind.  I have a few things that are, I guess, not what most of the book bloggers want.   Here is it!

1.  Buy the rights to a book then create and produce it into a feature film.
2.  Take a tour of a country based off of a novel I love. (ie. The Shoemaker's Wife)
3.  Try to cook several dishes from 1 cook book (a la Julia and Julia)
4.  Do 10 new activities inspired by books
5.  Go on a book theme date planned by a guy who loves to read.
6.  Have a book theme party.
7.  Get a Book Tube channel up and running. (Work in progress)
8.  Get 200+ Youtube Subscribers.
 9.  Read more than 75% of the books on my bookshelf
10.  Meet face to face other book bloggers in my city (LA) on a regular base.
11.  Keep my Goodreads TBR-list updated with books I own but have not read yet.
12.  Keep blogging forever.
13.  Update this blog's theme every 2 to 3 years
14.  Finish all the series I started.
 15.  Go to a mystery dinner theater.
16.  Read more books faster.
17. Giveaway 100+ books a year.
18.  Have my book club make money to pay for a staff.
19.  Open a new book club chapter every year.
20.  Have more time to read.
21.  Read several books while on a yacht in the Pacific during great weather.
22.  Host a co-ed book club meeting with people that read the book. 
23.  Read a book in Paris about a female character living in Paris (ie The Paris Wife)
24.  Create a small library at a women's shelter.
25.  Create a small library at a children's group home.
26.  Have a photographer follow me around the world taking pics of me reading at famous locations.
27.  Be an authors muse
28.  Read 10+ non-fiction books a year.
29.  Read memoirs of people I admire, respect and love.
30.  Read a self help book and apply the principles to my daily life.
31.  Blog or Vlog every day and love it!
32.  Buy Bookish jewelry
33.  Attend Book award ceremonies.
34.  Attend more book signs of authors I love
35.  Update my 50 bookish Things post every year.
36.  Get a Youtube and Twitter page designed.
37.  Host an in person Bloggiesta Day 
38.  Host a Dewey 24 hour read-a-thon slumber party at a posh hotel.
39.  Read a book by the pool with a fruity drink in Aruba.
40.  Read a book in by the fire in a snowy hilltop cabin.
41.  Listen to an audiobook while traveling in a private jet.
42.  Give out all my blog cards
43.  Never loose my love of reading.  
44.  Never loose my addiction to the printed word.
45.  Never loose the joy of a holding a new hardcover book.
46.  Never ever loose the feeling of being called a bookworm. (blush)
47.  Participate in World Book Night
48.  Visit libraries and Bookstores I see on Pinterest.
49.  Visit Presidential Libraries
50.  Hit lotto to make this list happen.

So what is on your 50 Bookish List?

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