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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bloggiesta 2013: Day Three

Ole!  Day Three was neat! Ole!
Here are my Day One, Two and Three stats:
Day One: September 20, 2103

Day Two: September 21, 2103
Click here to see the stats

Day Three: September 22, 2103
My Bloggiesta To Do List:
- Remove Ads (They are not making money so they have to go)
- Update Reading Challenge Widget (I have fallen behind on this task)
- Update Blog Roll (There are a few blogs that are gone and new ones I want to add.)
- Remove Grab My Button (It doesn't work and I don't need it)
- Fix Library Page (The spacing is off)
- Update Challenge Page (The numbers are off)
- Back up Blog (I have never done this!  YIKKES!)
- Reply to comments (Of course)
- Complete post for the week (That is my weekly thing to do anyways)
-Complete 2 reviews.  Add this to the list too!
- Complete 7 reviews on (So far behind on this one)
-Create a Vlog. (Youtube channel and all!) (Work in progress)

Mocha Girls Read Blog Goals
- Post Book of the Month
- Update Book of the Month Widget
- Update Library 
- Help new web manager with several items
 - Post Book of the Month to
-Complete October newsletter (50% done)

Thoughts on Day Three and the wrap up:
I made the Youtube (Book tube).  But I messed it up and posted it anyways.  I think I messed up my google (personal) account and google (blog) account.  It's a big mess.  So if there are any Google Pros out there that have a minute or two to help me unmess this up, I would love you forever.
It's a mess.  I am going to back up my blog tonight. 
I also participated in the 50 Bookish Things mini challenge.  One challenge now but more later.

How did you do on day three?  Is your list complete?  
Wrap up post coming soon!

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