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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Best #42

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How was your week everyone? Did you participate in Bout of Books or any kind of reading, blogging event?  
You know what?  I really missed doing this post.  This is one time that I get to see what is going on with the other blogs and take a minute to share them with you.
 So what is Sunday Best?
Every Sunday, we are going to share the best post on our blogs and other blogs we visited from the past week and link them up.  Join us in showing off your Sunday Best and leave a comment or two.
My Favorite Blog Post This Week
As most of you know, I have slacked 100% on this blog for about 3.5 months.  I am really trying to get caught up and knock out at least two post a day until September.  I think I am getting there!  

My Favorite Post from Other Bloggers
I have to say that I am a procrastinator reviewer.  Letting book pile up and up.  At one time I was good about finishing a book and as soon as I put it down I would jump onto the computer to write my review.  I need to get back into that style again.

I woke up Thursday morning, checked my email, then check the book club email and look what I found.  Mocha Girls Read got a nomination for an award.

 Book Club of the Year Award: Recognizes outstanding achievement for an innovative Book Club that support the AA/IR/Multicultural romance field.
The Little Black Book Club (Atlanta, GA & Miami, FL) -
The Romance Noire Book Club (Virtual) - SistahFriend Book Club (Columbia, SC, Atlanta, GA, & Virtual) -
 Mocha Girls Read (Inglewood-Los Angeles) -
Phenomenal Women Book Club (New Orleans, LA) - 

How cool is that?  Congrats to all the other book clubs, authors and debut authors who made the nominations as well.

What blog post have your read this past week?  Leave a link in the comment section.  I would love to check it out.

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