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Thursday, August 22, 2013

August is American Indian Month

Every month I try to help bring awareness of calendar events and awareness months.  This month is almost over and I completely forgot to let you all know this month, August is National American Indian Heritage Month or Native American Heritage Month.  This observance will happen again in November as well.  

Back in 2009, my mother and I went to a Pow Wow!  There were several tribes represented there and I loved seeing all the beautiful Native American attire.  The music just makes you want to jump and dance with everyone in the circle.  I don't think my moves would work for this event but a girl can try!  LOL!  Here is a photo from the San Manuel (California) Pow Wow.  Click the link to see the other 150 photos I took that day.  Man I need to go again.  I had such a wonderful time. 
Photo by Alysia
Photo by Alysia

Books About Native Americans

As you know I am very pro diversity in reading.  So check out these reads and learn something about the native people of the Americas.

Here is a link to a list of books by Native American Authors
Native American Literature

Have your read any books with Native American characters this year?  Which one?

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