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Saturday, April 27, 2013

The 15th Hour Challenge

Welcome to My Little Pocketbooks 
15th Hour Challenge!

This awesome read-a-thon is hosted by DEWEY'S 24 HOUR READ-A-THON

Right now it's 9:00 pm Central Time and 7:00pm here is Los Angeles, California.
How are you feeling?  Feeling a little sleepy.
 Well...You have been reading for 15-ish hours now.  And more than half of your food reserve is gone.  So the 9 hour stretch would look a little bit long.  But think of passed the half way mark and you are almost there. 
Would a Challenge get your blood flowing again?  Get you motivated?  
What about an easy challenge with a BIG return?  
That's what I thought!  

This challenge is based off of a monthly post I do here at My Little Pocketbooks called
Did you just finish a book?  Did you have an image of the main character in your head the whole time?  
With so many books being made into films you just might get to see that book on the big screen sooner than you think.  

Take a book you just finished reading or are currently reading and cast the main character only.

Post on you blog, Facebook page, Twitter, or in the comments section below the following:
1.  Book title and author
2.  Character name and brief description
3.  Actor name (pictures are great too)
4.  Tell me why you picked that actor 
Book: Can You Keep A Secret? by Sophie Kinsella 
Character: Emma Corrigan (a young British woman) Actor: Emily Blunt. 
I think she would be perfect because she has the awkward British girl thing down.

Two (2) winners will get a $5.00USD Amazon Gift Card Code 

Must be signed up as a participant in the Read-A-Thon.
Must be able to accept an gift card via email.
Challenge will be open for 2 hours (Closes at Hour 17)

You may leave all this info in the comments below or post this to your blog with a link in the comments section below.  Please leave a way for me to contact you as well (email)
Winner will be picked by
(Click the image for a sample post)
Good Luck to you all!

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