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Friday, April 19, 2013

Fitness Friday #6: Belly Dancing

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Welcome to the 6th edition of Fitness Friday. Where I (and you) put down our books and talk about our fitness goals. As well as other fitness stuff!  
What is Fitness Friday?
If you blog and/or have a Facebook Page about health/fitness, want to learn more about diet, exercise, nutrition, setting goals or if you just want to meet new people and find new health and fitness focused blogs, then join me and Jill for Fitness Friday!
FF has been great way to meet new friends and find new health and fitness blogs as well. 
Yes you read that title right!  
Belly Dancing!
Last month was about trying something new to spice up my weight loss and to build up my strength.  So I went to Hanger 18 (Rock Climbing Club) a total of TWO times.  That mess is hard and painful!  Why didn't you all tell me?  What the..?  I did it with the ropes and all but when I tried "bouldering" I almost killed myself.  I would climb, get stuck half way up and have to jump (or climb) down.  That was not the issue the issue is my hands started to split and my knees couldn't take the landings when I jumped.
So I did it at least! And it's over.  Whew!
And now I am moving on to something new.
I have been to three classes already and I paid up front for 10 weeks.  I am totally in and having fun!
What is tribal belly dance? 
Watch the video featuring the creator of Tribal Belly Dane.  It's an old video.

I am not a stranger to belly dancing.  I lived in Egypt (2003) for a year as a 4th grade teacher and that is when I fell in love with the dance.  The following year I moved to Japan and was desperately missing Egypt.  So what did I do?  I took belly dance classes and Arabic lessons.  In Japan!  LOL!  I know that sounds crazy but it helped with the non-home home sickness.  I loved dancing with my new Japanese friends and we had a blast.  I joined a belly dancing company and we started performing at holiday and festival events (for free of course).  When I moved back to Los Angeles I always planned to get back to it but life was not syncing up.  Money, work, no classes nearby, no classes to fit my schedule.  After years of dancing alone at home... I have found a class and my love is back!
Tribal Belly Dance is more upper body and low to the ground that Egyptain Belly Dance.  I have found that my back and stomach muscles are getting a great workout.  So with the Belly Dance classes and my new high protein and low carb diet I have finally hit the 40 lbs mark!  Yep!  I have lost (and will not gain again)
At the age of 40 I finally lost 40lbs.  LOL!
Pictures will be coming soon!  Promise.

Started blogging about Fitness (January) 
 1 5k done (February)
Rock Climbing for a month (2 days) (March) 
Tribal Belly Dance and low carb for a month (April) 

As you go toward your healthy goal(s), what are you doing to keep it interesting?

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