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Monday, February 9, 2015

2nd Annual Love for Books Read-A-Thon: Sign Up
Hosted by Novel Heartbeat

Yeah!  A read-a-thon that fits perfectly into my schedule.  I love doing read-a-thons because they really motivate me to get a few dusty books off of my nightstand.  
Starting today and ending on Sunday, Novel Heartbeat is hosting this read-a-thon and a giveaway as well to help get us me motivated to get some reading goals started.  You can join in anytime during the read-a-thon and "books do not have to be of the romance genre. You can read anything you like!"
For this read-a-thon I will post a new post to let you know where I stand.  But for now here are the books I would LOVE to finish.


Participate in mini challenge
Complete 3 books and start a new one
Currently: 50%
Currently on page: 131
Currently on page: 177

Are you going in on the love of read-a-thon?

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