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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bloggish Goals for 2015

Yes it is that time to start the goal setting and forecasting for the new year.  For 2014 I had some high hopes for my blog.  I thought at the end of 2013 I would have a lot more bloggish things accomplished.  Take a minute to check out my 2013 resolutions and goals for 2014.  And don't laugh to loud.

Book Blogging Goals 

These are specific and often number-based goals that relate to your blog. They are milestones you want to hit or specific things you want to achieve. 

1.  Giveaway 50 books
I think I have hit this goal but I didn't keep count to know for sure.
2.  Post at least 350 blog post
Missed that one by 20 or more
3.  Complete all my reading challenges
I have two that are not going to happen at all.  DANG!  Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge.  DANG! and the TBR Pile Reading Challenge
4.  Knock off at least 12 books from my TBR pile that are here in the house.
NO comment!
5.  Buy only 12 books (Book Club Book of the Month books)
SCORE!!!  I did that one by accident. 

Book Blogging Resolutions

These are resolutions related to book blogging. They’re things you want to change or improve upon, or things you’ve been putting off and finally want to get done. They don’t have to be number-based and can be a bit more vague. They also don’t have to relate specifically to your blog, but they should somehow relate to book blogging or the blogosphere.

1.  Figure out and fix my Feedly button.
I have no idea why and how it is not working. 
Thank you Christine at Buckling Bookshelves!!
2.  Remove old and update buttons on the top of blog.
I completely forgot about this one.
3.  Comment on more blogs.
I tried.  I will next year.  PROMISE!
4.  Clean up my Feedly reader and RSS reader.
This is an on going challenge.  I have knocked a few off but not enough.
5.  Work on more personal and non book post.
OOPPSS!!  I keep saying that.  Next year. 
6.  Start reviews much sooner than I am now.
With 5 reviews piling up this was another miss. 

Ok!  Now that my failure is out there for all to see now is the time to hit the reset button. 
I know I am not the only one either.  So hit it with me.  Softly!  Please!

New Bloggish Goals for 2015

1.  Host Diversity on the Shelf 2015 Reading Challenge with quarterly giveaways and monthly linky
3.  Clean up my Feedly and RSS reader.
4.  Read more books from my shelf
5.  Comment on my Blog Roll blogs more.
6.  Read and review a min. of 55 books
7.  Read all my book club selections.
8.  Have fun blogging.
9.  Do not stress about the blog.
10.  Host tons of giveaways so I can spread the love.

That's it!  I am not going to put myself through to much making to do list and wild goals this coming year.  My new aim will be all about keeping it simple and don't stress out about hitting my internal check list. 
2014 was full of changes and new things coming in and out of my life that I didn't foresee at all.  Reading books became a last on the list item and so did blogging about books.  I really was stuck in fixing, changing, adapting, and renewing my life so those goals and resolutions were not a priority anymore.  So with my new eyes, I am going to set a few goals out there but not to many.  I will not make a huge list this year and you never know maybe I will surprise myself (and you too).  But only time will tell.

What are some of your 2015 Bloggish Goals? 
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