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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Review: The Unseen Guest

The Unseen Guest (Book #3)
Author: Maryrose Wood
Genre: Children Fiction
Publisher:  HarperAudio
Release Date: March 27, 2012
Audiobook: 6 hours and 50 minutes
Narrator: Katherine Kellgren

Source: Free from e-library

Book Description

Of especially naughty children it is sometimes said, "They must have been raised by wolves."
The Incorrigible children actually were.
Since returning from London, the three Incorrigible children and their plucky governess, Miss Penelope Lumley, have been exceedingly busy. Despite their wolfish upbringing, the children have taken up bird-watching, with no unfortunate consequences—yet. And a perplexing gift raises hard questions about how Penelope came to be left at the Swanburne Academy for Poor Bright Females and why her parents never bothered to return for her.
But hers is not the only family mystery to solve. When Lord Fredrick's long-absent mother arrives with the noted explorer Admiral Faucet, gruesome secrets tumble out of the Ashton family tree. And when the admiral's prized racing ostrich gets loose in the forest, it will take all the Incorrigibles' skills to find her.
The hunt for the runaway ostrich is on. But Penelope is worried. Once back in the wild, will the children forget about books and poetry and go back to their howling, wolfish ways? What if they never want to come back to Ashton Place at all?


 As you know, I am trying to complete this series for the Sequel Spring reading challenge.  I have read and reviewed Book #1 (here) and Book #2 (here) so far and I will try my best not to spoil the series for you.  But you know it's hard explaining Book #3 out of 4 without revealing something.  But let's see how I do.
This particular book in the series picks up immediately from the London trip the Incorrigible children and Penelope Lumley went on in book #2.   Now that they are all back home safe and sound Lord Fredrick's mother comes for a visit to the dismay of Lady Ashton, and she is not alone.  Widow Ashton is accompanied by Admiral Faucet and his racing ostrich who some how gets loose and ventures into the neighboring forest where the Incorrigibles were originally found.
Unlike the other two books this one seems way more adult fiction than the other two.  The one thing I thought was cute in the first book was the use of tangents.  The story would take off and then there would be a small tangent here or there once in awhile.  Well the cute plot and conversational tangents were all over the place in this book causing me to become a bit impatient with the story.  I know what you are thinking.  "I thought you liked it in Book #1?"  I did but that once in awhile, this..this...this is waaay too much.  *sigh*
And once again the unanswered questions from Book #1 are still completely unanswered.  There are just new questions added to the pile.  I am hoping the last book really ties up ALL the loose ends because this is becoming a bit ridiculous.  It feels like one story was cut up into four books instead of each book progressing in the life of the main characters.
I love this narrator, Katherine Kellgren she complete makes this book.  I think if I had to read these books to a young child I would try my best to imitate Katherine's voice, pace and of course her amazing accents she gives all of her characters.
I just looked her up and she has an impressive 197 audiobooks to her credit.  WOW!  

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I recommend this book to older children due to the many plot twists, characters and vocabulary.


This book is number 10 in my Audiobook Reading Challenge
This book is number 6 in my Historical Fiction Reading Challenge
This book is number 15 in my Goodreads Reading Challenge
This book goes towards my Sequel Spring Reading Challenge
  3rd book out of 4 books in this series   


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