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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday: Series Reading

Pam over at Reading Is Fun Again started this meme to get a book blogger thoughts on a few bookish things.  You know how much I love sharing my thoughts/opinions on stuff, so I thought it would be perfect to add my two cents in too! And stop by Pam's blog to see her new and cute blog design.
I created Thoughtful Thursday, because bookish thoughts kept popping up in my mind while reading, and I wanted to explore these questions and get your opinions too! -From Reading Is Fun Again

  Thoughtful Thursday Question 

How do you read a book series? (Do you read each book as it comes out? Do you wait for a few books to come out in a series before starting it? Do you wait until the entire series is out and marathon it? Do you reread all of the books that are currently out before you read the next one?)

My Answer

I love how the universe is helping me out!  Today's topic fits perfectly in with the new reading challenge I am starting today called Sequel Spring (hosted by Words in a Teacup) It seems like I will be talking about sequels for the next few months.  Thank you all for helping me out.
In case you are new here and have no idea how bad this problem is...yes!  PROBLEM! Here is my original post from last year called...ready...

My Incomplete Series List

... and yes!  It's a list of 16 series I have started and not finished.  I know right!  And that is not the worst of it.  That post was posted on 12/14/13 and since then I have read 3 more books that are apart of a series.  Here is the overall God awful whooping list...*sigh* Color coded and all!

New Reading Challenge: Sequel Spring

 So to answer your question Pam dear, I read books then I usually find out they are apart of a series.  Oops!  Before I started binge reading aka book blogging, I would read a series from book one to the end like Harry Potter (I had to wait for the last two books to come out); Twilight (read them all together) and Bloodshot (read them both back to back).  But then book blogging changed everything and here is why.
1.  I do more research on a book and find there are prequels and sub books out there. I would have not found out about them in the bookstore or library.  When did this phenomena start?
2.  I have found out now that I read hype books more and more.  Due to blogging I see them EVERYWHERE!!!  Most of the hype books are apart of a trilogy.  The new YA thing to do.  
3.  I am reading more YA since book blogging (see #2)
4.  I read more than before.  Not tons more just more because I have an audible account.  More reading/listening makes it harder to stick to one thing.

This year I am going to try and not intentionally start a new series. And then, I will try my best to complete four or more series from the list of 19.  
OMG!  Saying it out loud makes me seem a bit nutzo.  

What about you?  How do you read a book series?

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