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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First Book Of The Year 2014

I think I am the last person to sign up for this great meme. Sheila at Book Journey is hosting The First Book of the Year 2014. 
My first book of 2014 is a book I have to read because my trainer told me so.  This year I am trying going to get back into the fitness game like I did at the beginning of last year.  So I think you will see more blog posting about fitness and my fitness goals here with all the bookish and purse stuff.

If we are all on a diet, then why aren't we thin?" That's a question posed by nutrition and fitness expert Philip L. Goglia, and it is the starting point of this unique, comprehensive guide to getting in shape and staying that way. Drawing on his experience with more than 250,000 clients worldwide, Goglia explodes the myth that we are born with either a slow or fast metabolism. In fact, despite what many modern diets tell us, weight is not genetically predetermined and exercise will not make you thin.
Turn Up the Heat provides a thoroughly documented food management system that will transform the body and maintain health for good. Goglia's system is personalized to each individual's metabolic type and is comprised of three components: eating the right kinds and amounts of foods in the correct sequence; following a specific exercise program based on an individual's metabolic type; and drinking the appropriate amount of water daily. The result is a program that will forever break the apathy and frustration of dieters who just never seem to get to their ideal weight. Discover the program that has successfully worked for hundreds of thousands of people, including countless celebrities and athletes, helping them to achieve permanent weight loss and healthier lives.
What a few of Philip L. Goglia's many satisfied clients have to say about his program:
"I recommend Philip's programs to anyone who is interested in living a stronger, slimmer, healthier, and balanced life." (Gillian Anderson)

"I used [Goglia's] programs for my role as George in George of the Jungle. I was in the best shape of my life while filming this movie." (Brendan Fraser)

"Philip is an expert at nutrition and training. His knowledge is second to no one." (Jeff Goldblum) 

Me and my first 2014 read. :)

Audiobook:  I have not picked my first audiobook yet but more than likely it will be a novella.  I have two new ones from Audible I am thinking about listening to because one of them has a Christmas theme and I am still in the holiday spirit.

My First Book Review:  I will be posting a review for Dashing Through the Snow by Mary and Carol Higgins Clark soon.

First Book Club Book of the Month:  Divergent by Veronica Roth.  I am looking forward to reading this one.  It has been on my TBR list since every book blogger started posting their rave reviews about it.
What is your first book of 2014?  
Happy 2014!

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