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Monday, December 30, 2013

Book Blogging Goals and Resolutions

Book Blogging Goals & Resolutions for 2014
I love making resolutions and goals for myself. Big ones and little ones. Like having a no spending day once a week.  Book Blogging is hosting a linky for your 2014 book blogging goals.

We’re closing in on 2014! It’s time to start looking forward to the new year and making book blogging plans! Let’s make 2014 a productive and amazing year for book bloggers by setting goals and resolutions. Everyone has things they want to achieve, or resolutions they want to make. So let’s each make a list and share it with the blogosphere!

Book Blogging Goals 

These are specific and often number-based goals that relate to your blog. They are milestones you want to hit or specific things you want to achieve. 

1.  Giveaway 50 books
I have so many here it wouldn't not even put a dent in the stacks.
2.  Post at least 350 blog post
I think that is possible. 
3.  Complete all my reading challenges
I am so excited about them I think this will be easy.
4.  Knock off at least 12 books from my TBR pile that is here in the house.
That is going to be easy if I don't buy any new books.
5.  Buy only 12 books (Book Club Book of the Month books)
I did it once I can do it again!

Book Blogging Resolutions

These are resolutions related to book blogging. They’re things you want to change or improve upon, or things you’ve been putting off and finally want to get done. They don’t have to be number-based and can be a bit more vague. They also don’t have to relate specifically to your blog, but they should somehow relate to book blogging or the blogosphere.

1.  Figure out and fix my Feedly button.
I have no idea why and how it is not working. 
Thank you Christine at Buckling Bookshelves!!
2.  Remove old and update buttons on the top of blog.
I am not using Networked Blogs so I need to remove it.
3.  Comment on more blogs.
4.  Clean up my Feedly reader and RSS reader.
Lord that is going to be a real project with 300+ blogs on it. 
5.  Work on more personal and non book post.
Thinking of topics will be interesting.
6.  Start reviews much sooner than I am now.
I hope I can do this one because it would make life a bit easier.

Go to Book Blogging and link up your goals and resolutions.

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