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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Favorite Books From School

You know that I was in school (not college) like a million years ago.  Since then the high school required reading list has grown by a few hundred book.  The books I remember reading seem to get lost with the list constantly growing.  So I thought I would share my favorite books from when I was in school.  These are not in any particular order, just as it come to me.
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This book was a life changer for me!  I don't remember at what age or grade exactly I read this book (middle school) but I remember the AMAZING domino effect it had on me.  I am African-American, went to mostly all white schools, lived in mostly white neighborhoods, and only saw other African-American at church or they were family.  Needless to say I was reading mostly books by white authors about white people.  After reading this book, I finally had something to relate to.  I tell people I found out I was Black after reading this book and my reading went from Sweet Vally High and VC Andrews to Black Boy and Native Son.  
Oh wait! We read To Kill A Mockingbird but the only black person in the book was on trial.  Hmmmm!  Doesn't count!

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Mr. Hill was my 7th Grade English teacher and when he told us on the first day we will be reading Shakespeare there was aloud groan coming from the class. My groan was the LOUDEST! by far.  I remember hating reading school books because they were about boring people, doing stupid things or nothing at all in a time period I didn't like.  Cause there were only white people there.  Our first Shakespeare book was As You Like It and I loved it!  It was funny.  And Mr. Hill helped bring the book to life.  After that Shakespeare was fun.

That's It!  HAHAHA!! Yep!  Just two.  I was reading other books under the desk most of my school life.  Some of which are now on the high school required reading list.  Judy Blume was not on this list for my high school but I read a ton of her books.  Richard Wright and James Baldwin were not on the list either (but they are now).  
Can you believe the reading list has grown so much from the (early) 80's?  
What were your favorite books from school?

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