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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: Post Brainstorming

Welcome to another Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge.  
Sept. 20 - Sept 22
Today's mini-challenge is all about coming up with post ideas.  Some people tell you to post a lot to get readers.  But there is only so much you can say about the books you are reading.  Right? Well today I am going to try and help you out by giving you 13 different ideas to help you come up with a few new ideas.
I am by far NOT a blogger expert/pro.  I am just shooting out ideas to help you with brainstorming about post topics.  This is not a MUST DO at all.  Just a suggestion.  OK!  We cool!  OK!
If you follow all of these suggestions then you can post about 336 post in a year.

Let's get started!
1. Holidays
This might be a no brainer!  But let's say there are about 24 holidays in the year.  New Years, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Government holidays, Religious Holidays, and the odd ones here and there.  Holidays are a great time to talk about Books related to an upcoming holiday.  You can do a post about any and all holidays that interest you or the ones you want to know more about.
Topic ideas: Christmas Books for Kids / Love Stories for Valentine's Day / Mother and Daughter Books for Mother's Day.
2. Meme
Most bloggers are using some kind of a meme once a week or month on their blogs already.  If you are not sure if you should jump in, here are a few pros to using memes to post.  Most memes have 5, 10 or more bloggers that are going to check out your blog once a week.  The topics are always different and seeing everyone's answers is fun.  You will also meet some great bloggers. If you do one meme a week that will be 52 post a year too.   
Bloggers with list of meme's: Girlxox / Bloggverse / Readerbuzz / Randomize Me
3. Reviews
Of course you need those!  But what about adding reviews of movies that were books first.  Or review the audiobook vs. the book.  Put a new spin on book reviewing with having more to say about the book.  If you just do one review a week that is another 52 post down. 
Topic idea:  Review The Mortal Instruments (The movie vs. The Book)
4. Blog Tours
There are so many blog tour companies out there you can easily pick one for your favorite genre.  Blog tours consist of hosting a guest interview with an author, reviewing of a book, hosting a giveaway, or just doing a cover reveal of a new book.  The possibilities are endless. Most of the time (outside of reviews) the post is done for you.  The interview comes with the answers to questions you send off, pictures of the book and author along with all the links you need.  Viola!  Post done.  Some book bloggers have joined several blog tours and this gives them a bigger pot to pick from.  If you do host just two blog tours a month (one cover reveal and an author interview) the you will have 24 post done.
5. Guest Post
Sometimes you can get someone else to do a post for you.  Who you ask?  Anyone!  Authors love to write. (see Blog Tours) But what about other bloggers.  Give a blogger friend a topic and let them have a moment in your blog's spotlight.  What about your local booksellers?  They have a lot to say about the state of local independent bookstores.  Try to do 2 a month and you can use any topic for their prompt. 
Guest Post topics: Blogger Spotlight / Author's Talk / Local Bookstores Today
6. Giveaways
Everyone loves to win!  Everyone loves free stuff!  Post a giveaway of a book you just reviewed.  Only if you liked it.  No one wants a book you hated.  There are a few great giveaway hops too.  They really drive up the traffic on your blog too!  
Giveaway hops: I Am A Reader / Submit your giveaway here Blogaholic Network
7.  Stats
Tell your readers about your progress on any and everything.  Let us know how amazing you are.  Or get a push of encouragement.  I don't mind getting encouragement when I don't hit my goal.  It's ok!  Just let us know where you are and what your new game plan is.
Topic ideas:  Monthly Wrap Up / This Week I.. / The Numbers
8.  Help!
You might not believe it but you can easily be of help to other bloggers.  My blog was built with the help of other bloggers.  (Some of them know it and some don't.)  Every time you learn how to do something make a blog post about it.  Blogging is a process that will always be evolving and growing.  You can be of help to a new blogger or the way you explain a task my help someone that was struggling before.  Try to do one a month.
Topic ideas:  Blogger Tips / Guess What I Did? / How to...
9. Unique to You
Not all book bloggers are the same.  We have different interest outside of reading.  Take a moment and create a post about your life, your hobby, your family.  Readers like to see you have a life outside of reading and blogging.  If we wanted to read reviews only then we would just read Amazon and Goodreads reviews all day.  What makes you different?  What do you do when you are not reading?  Try posting only two a month.
Topic ideas: When I am not blogging I am / In the Life of / A Day with Me
10.  Events
There are a ton of events going on around the world and online.  Pick and theme and more than likely there is an event surrounding that theme.  Book fairs and festivals are happening somewhere every single month.  What about all the online book events going on?  There are so many going on you could post about the two a month and not even scratch the surface.  Post on your blog about the bookish and non-bookish events you are participating in.
Topic Ideas:  Monthly Events / The Book Happenings / Around Town
 11. Repost, Revamp, Remember
I was looking back at my first month of blogging and I like the topics I was talking about.  Why did I stop?  Did anyone see it?  Well, revamp or repost them.  You don't have to reinvent the wheel just do a remember post and talk about those old post you miss and think your readers missed.
Topic Ideas:  Remembering My Top Ten / Repost My Favorite Halloween Books
12. Rants, Raves and Discussions
Sometimes you need to get something off your chest.  Sometimes you think something is not right and you need feedback.  Where is the best place to get that?  Your Blog!  Taking a minute to talk (type) it out can relieve stress, and you might have a strong point of view people can agree with.  Once a month take a minute to vent about stuff.  You can rave too!  Tell us about the amazing stuff as well.
Topic Ideas:  What the...? / Getting it off my chest / Monthly Rant and Raves
13.  List it!
I love list.  I love looking for a blog post of a random topic and a list of books that go with it.  List are fun to read.  Am I the only one that mentally checks off books I have read on every single book list I see?  Come up with a topic and create a list to go with it.  Long list are not necessary.  Keep the list simple with no more than 10 items (books, movies, characters).  If you can do more than 10 than save it for another post (Part 2).
Topic Ideas:  5 of the Most Scary Books / 6 of the Hottest Main Characters / 5 of the Best Heroines.

Just from this list of 13 post topics you can easily create at least 336 post a year.  Not bad! 
This mini-challenge has no giveaway!  Sorry!  But please feel free to leave a comment on your thoughts and if this list was helpful to you.  Let me know if I forgot anything? 

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