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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Birthday Giveaway: A Classic E-Reader Cover

It's June and that means it my birthday month!
And this year I am turning the BIG...

Yep!  I said it!  And I posted it!  
Forty One!
As you can see I am not one of those women that hides her age.  Why?  Because one, there are a ton of people who didn't make it to 41.  And two, I don't even look it!!!! ;-)  lol!
 So what have I learned over the 4 decades and a year on this planet?  I am so glad you asked. Here are 10 of the 41 things I learned.  I figured I would pair it down to 4 post a week.  LOL!
*Pulling Soapbox to the mic*
*Stepping on soapbox*
*Taking out my notes*
1.  Love.  As in everyone and everything until it hurts.  There are no rules and yes it will hurt but enjoy it!
2.  Love yourself.  Not in the big head, ego, selfish way!
3.  Forgive.  Don't hold grudges.  I mean half the time the issue was not that important.
4.  Get rid of the DRAMA!  TAKERS! and HATERS!  Life is to wonderful for all that mess.
5.  Don't do it because everyone else is doing it.  Do it because YOU want to.  That goes for tattoos, books, fashion and jumping off cliffs.
6.  Keep it simple.  Try getting rid of all the extra stuff and just enjoy the things that really have meaning to you.
7.  Change is good!  Everything changes.  So embrace it!  Have fun with it!  
8.  Prayer works.  Trust me.  It does.  It may not be the answer you wanted but you will get an answer.
9.  There is nothing WRONG with you (me)!  Your perfect!
10.  Try it!  Trying something new is so fun and you get to add it to the "I DID THAT!" List
(10 More Next Week)

Ok!  Now for the real reason for this post!
Each week of my birthday month I will be hosting a giveaway where you (my lovely readers) get the birthday gifts. 
This week I will be giving away one Classic E-Reader.
 1.  Jane Eyre (Grey)
2.  Romeo and Juliet (Lavender)
3.  Wuthering Heights (Teal)
E-Reader case works with many e-Readers, including Nook, most Kindles including Kindle Fire nd similar e-readers.

This is open to US residents only.
All ages.
Ends 6/28/13
Fill out the Rafflecopter form
Good Luck
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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