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Friday, June 7, 2013

BEA 2013 Book Haul: Part 1

I did it!  I attended my first (and not the last) Book Expo America in New York City!
*Happy Dance*
I have to tell you all that this was an experience for sure.  I had no idea what I was really walking into and you know what ....I loved it!
If you have a book hoarding problem and you are trying to quit, then don't go.  If you have issues with crowds and long lines, then don't go!  If you can't haul 30lbs of books around, then don't go!  No really!  30 Pounds!
Today, my first two 30 lbs boxes arrived from FedEx.  Two more are coming tomorrow and I have a another box from the post office coming after that.  
So this post is only about the first 2 boxes and the books inside them.
By the way this is in no particular order at all.
Children Books
Whew!  Ok! 
I will post tomorrow about the other boxes of books. 
I think I will also do a post with all the swag later too!  Lord there is a ton of swag.

Did you go to BEA13?  What did you get?  Leave a link to your BEA Book Haul below and I would love to come and visit?  

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