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Monday, March 11, 2013

Review: Sway

Author: Amber McRee Turner
Genre: Children's Book
Publisher: Disney Hyperion
Release Date: May 15, 2012
E-book: 320 pages
9 and up

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Book Description
 For four long months, ten-year-old Cass has been dreaming of the day her mom, Toodi, will come home.  But when Toodi’s welcome back party takes a turn for the disastrous, Cass finds herself stuck alone with her dull-as-dirt dad, who insists that they set off for the summer on a mysterious adventure—just the two of them.
It turns out Cass’s dad has some big-time surprises up his sleeve. Once they hit the road in an old RV named The Roast, he introduces her to the amazing power of “Sway,” a seemingly magical force that can bring inspiration and joy to people in major need of help.
Cass can think of one particular person who could really use some Sway. If only she could track down Toodi, Cass knows she could convince her mom to come home. But with the help of a little home-spun magic, Cass realizes that the things she needs most have always been within her reach.
It took me awhile to figure out what I was going to say about this book.  Here's why.  One, it's a Children's Book.  Good.  Two, it's about 320 pages in e-book format.  Ok!  Three, the mother runs off to be with another man.  What the?? (Trying to keep it clean).  Four, the book is based on Christian values.  Good!  But not the mom.  What?!  Last but not least, the book is basically about ten year old Cass trying to be with her mom.  Did I mention mom ran off to be with another man?
Why would this be a good children's book topic?  Can someone help me here? 
This honestly is not a spoiler because you see it coming and it happens within the first three chapters of the book.  
In the book Cass's dad, who is clearly devastated by his wife's departure decides to take Cass on a road trip slash adventure.  The whole time they are out on the road traveling in an old RV called The Roast he tells her about SWAY, a special magic.  Now like any ten year old girl who's mom is gone, she finds ways to try and contact her mom while they are on the road.  Talking to dad about forgiveness, buying a phone card, sending a post card to mom's new house.  This is crazy ya'll!
This is a CHILDREN'S BOOK!  Would you put your child to sleep at night with a story about abandonment.  Would you? 
I rarely read reviews before I post them on a book I am reading but I just read three and I am shocked by the number of 5 and 4 star reviews.  Well kind of.  I agree with them that the writing is great and the cover is really cute.  I love the imagination of the author in telling this story but the label of Children's Book and the main catalyst of the story is slightly distributing to me.  I think I would have the mom just come up missing from a freak snow storm then leave her ten year old daughter and husband.  ARGHH!!
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I recommend this book to young adults older than 12 due to the subject matter.
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