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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Angela's Anxious Life

Bloggiesta Mini Challenge

Challenge:  Getting to Know You in discovering one new blogger to connect with during this Bloggiesta event. (@SueySays)
I went to and punched in 1 to 81 (the number of bloggers signed up at the time) and got number 20.  Blogger number 20 is Angie!  
Angie is so cool! She agreed to my mini interview so we all can get to know her and her blog.  So I bring to you MS. ANGIE from Angela's Anxious Life
Hello!  My name is Angie and I love to read and blog!!
How long have you been blogging Angie?
 I started blogging April 2011 ( I had to go and look for this).  Can't believe it's almost been 2 years!  I have had a lot of fun.  Some days I think to myself ughhh I am done blogging and then I read a book and want to talk all about it!
Where did you get your blog name from?
 My blog name doesn't seem like a name that goes with books.. and that's because it's not.  I actually started blogging about my life in general.  And that lasted like 2 months.  Then I started to see all these blogs on books and I was like that is totally for me!  Though my blog does include posts also about video games and movies.
Is this your first Bloggiesta?
 This is my second Bloggiesta.
What do you enjoy most about Bloggiesta?
What I enjoy about the event is that it makes me get down and get some things done on the blog.  Though it does take away from getting some reading done.  One time I need to participate in creating a mini-challenge. I have found a lot of great blogs by doing this event.
How are you doing on your Bloggiesta Goals so far?
I am doing good in my goals.  But there is a lot of information out there so I feel like I am starting to look into one topic and then I click a link and bounce off into another topic.  I need to concentrate.  Plus Magic Mike is on in the background and that doesn't help me any!
Mac or PC? 
Mac ALL THE WAY!  My house is full of Macs.

Let's Stalk Angie ya'll

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