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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Review: The Holiday

The Holiday: A London Romantic Adventure
Author:  Kate Perry
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Destination Love Stores, LLC
Release Date: July 26, 2012
E-book: 180 pages

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Book Description
Maui art gallery owner Leilani Wakida wants one thing: a holiday fling.
Since her fiancé Aaron died over a year ago in a surfing accident, Leilani's been playing the role everyone expects of her: widow of the beloved island son. No one's willing to tarnish Aaron's memory by even looking at his woman, much less touching her.
But enough is enough. When Leilani's offered the opportunity to travel to London to help coordinate an art show at a prestigious gallery, she jumps at the chance to kill two birds with one stone: visit the best art city in the world and have a casual affair. The last thing she wants is to be tied to another man.
When Leilani meets dashing British banker Coin Melbourne, she knows he's the perfect man for a holiday romp. Any doubts are banished by their first smoldering kiss. Unfortunately, he didn't get the memo. While Leilani just wants to play, Colin's playing for keeps.
I have had this book on my iphone for awhile now and I was just leisurely reading a page here or there as I got caught without a book.  The story of a young gallery owner Leilani wanting a holiday fling sounded like a great story idea.  She is from Maui and he is from London.  Everything in the story was ok until she just happens to find herself in a London spilling the beans day one.  Now come on!!  Really!  You mean to tell me a woman that has never been with a man outside of her dead finance can just up and tell a British hot banker that she wants to jump his bones, just like that!  And it gets better.  He is into her and wants her the same.  There is no story behind that!  What happened to the woman dropping hints and all?  Well it gets better.  NOT SURE IF THIS IS A SPOLIER but...He falls in love with her and she is not into moving from hot vacation sex to something more.  REALLY!!!!  LORD!  I wish a hot British banker would ask me to marry him!  And did I mention he is from a wealthy family too!  
Back to the story.  It just seemed to Disney to me.  I did not have one bit of "poor Leilani" when it came to her feelings and this man issue.  The writing and the story are perfect bubble gum read.  And that is why I think it's ... 
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I recommend this book to adults due to the two sex scenes.

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