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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Quicky Reviews #5

I have two more e-books that I want to review before the end of the year that aren't going to count toward any challenges and they are really short. I thought a sentence or two might do and so Quicky Reviews was born. 
I think this will be the last one for 2012. 
Below are the links to the other Quicky Reviews

Readeroctica 2 - Turning Up The Heat
Author:  Lynn Lake , Eva Hore , Cheyenne Blue , Olivia London , Kannan Feng , Ms. Peach , D. Turner , Lynn Wolfbrandt
Genre: Erotica
Publisher: (November 15, 2011)
E-book:  61 pages
Source: Free from iBooks
Buy the Book: Amazon
Book Description
Erotica for your eReader from Readerotica. Privately enjoy 10 erotic stories on your eReader.
The great thing about reading erotic short stories on your eReader is that no one can tell what you are reading. Unlike a traditional book, your reader gives no outward appearance of what lies within, so feel free to enjoy some erotic fiction.
Readerotica contains works that will be exciting to most women. It is a mainstream publication that contains work that most readers will find exciting and complete. Our first volume focused upon delivering great literature with an erotic theme. This volume turns up the heat a little bit and will give readers exactly what they are looking for in erotic fiction.
We deliver great work, with professional editing at the lowest possible price.
My Thoughts
WOW!  This was way more direct and to the point than I was expecting.  There are grammar and spelling issue through out.  Some of the short stories are crazy hot but others are just ok!  I think if the authors focused on the plot more it would be over the top!  Not for the conservative person at all!!

Readeroctica 3- Getting Hotter
Authors:  Chris Komodo , Claus Heather M. , Dee Turner Anna Mitcham , Wendy Reid , Lynn Lake , Lynn Townsend , Abby Fowke , Dita Darker , Kannan Feng , Vibrators .com
Genre:  Erotica
Publisher:  PriveCo Inc. (January 30, 2012)
E-book: 77 pages (about)
Source: Free from iBooks
Buy the Book: Amazon
Book Description
Reading erotic fiction on an electronic reader is a delicious experience because no one can see what you are doing. Unlike a regular book, your eReader does not have a cover to reveal its contents. You can privately and discreetly read anything you like. It is a wonderful and somewhat empowering process. The only challenge is to find great erotica.
The Readerotica series was created to provide free erotic stories easily.
Readerotica 3 – Getting Hotter includes the following stories:
Chapter 1 – The Maestra – Chris Komodo
Chapter 2 – Butterflies at Dinner - Heather M. Claus
Chapter 3 – Oasis - Kannan Feng
Chapter 4 – Light Refreshment - Dita Darker
Chapter 5 – Ice - Abby Fowke
Chapter 6 – On the Fly – Lynn Townsend
Chapter 7 – Body Heat - Lynn Lake
Chapter 8 – A Night to Remember - Wendy Reid
Chapter 9 – Spanish Dancing – Dee Turner
Chapter 10 – All Work and No Play - Anna Mitcham
We hope you enjoy this collection of ten erotic stories and the ability to read them without judgement. Look for other volumes of Readerotica wherever you find eBooks.
My Thoughts 
The issues of format, grammar and spelling from the last edition still plague this one.  I didn't find any of the stories interesting and think they were going for shock and awe more than a good erotic storyline.  Not for the conservative person!
Did you read any of these books?  What did you think?

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