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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Why I Love Wednesday # 23

Alexis from Reflections of a Bookaholic started a Wednesday Meme called Why I Love Wednesday. Hop on over to Alexis' blog and join in the fun. Since I have been to busy to keep up with this meme, I decided to borrow Jade from Sort of Beautiful idea and do one post for the month.

 Favorite Place to Read

This one is easy cause I have two places.  One , in the car on the way to and from work.  For some reason I love listening to audiobooks only on my commute.  When I am running around town I don't put them on.  It's so hard to start and stop and start and stop again and again.  Since I have a 40 minute commute to work and a hour plus drive home that is the perfect time to get through an audiobook without any interruptions.  The second is my bed.  No pictures cause it is a hot mess!!  I have books on my night stand and bookmakers all over the place.  I just love wrapping up under the covers and getting the pillows just right and reading for hours.  

Favorite Actor/Actress for a Character in Our Current Read

I am reading Mockingjay right now and I would have picked Jennifer Lawrence if I had to recast it.  I can clearly see her as I am reading the book.  But if I had never ever watched the movie then I would have picked Freida Pinto (from Slumdog Millionaire) to play Katniss.  When I read The Hunger Games a young version of her popped into my head with the young girl from the movie Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail playing Prim.  Isn't funny how we can read the same thing and get different visuals.  

Favorite Male Lead Character

 I haven't read that many books with male lead characters in them.  I just finished The Eleventh Plague and the male lead Stephen Quinn was a good lead.  As I look over my library of books I have read this year, I don't have a favorite.  I like them all about the same.  Kevin from Kevin's Point of View was so funny and lovable.  Robert Hart from The Concubine Saga was memorable and very interesting.  So no favorite on this one.  I love them all.

Favorite Movie/TV Adaptation

Oh man!!!  I have not read a book yet that has been made into a movie or television show that I loved.  I have a thing about watching movies after I have read the book.  I just don't cause the book is ALWAYS better.  ALWAYS!  No lie!  Even the Hunger Games movie wasn't as good as the book.  Harry Potter too!  Nothing is as good as the book (yet).

Where is your favorite place to read?  In your current read, who would you cast?  Who is your favorite male character?  Do you have a favorite movie/TV adaptation?

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