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Friday, May 18, 2012

TGIF #18 ~Book Blogger is Born~

I decided to join a weekly meme called TGIF.  I kept seeing the button on top of so many sites, so I wanted to join in too.
This feature is for Fridays to re-cap the week's posts and to answer the proposed question from Ginger at GReads.  Check her out and join in the fun!
 This Friday's Question
A Book Blogger is Born: What made you decide to start your very own book blog?
My Answer
Once upon a time, there was a girl with a book club blog.  She loved learning all about book blogging, wordpress and the book blogging community.  When the end of the year came around she saw all the wonderful reading challenges posted on countless blogs.  She thought to herself.."Self!  I want to so a reading challenge and I would love to use rafflecopter.  Blogger just seems so much cooler than wordpress."  
So she sat and thought about this for a few days.  (Maybe a week)  
Then at her mom's house, at Thanksgiving dinner her cousin was talking about her book club "Pocketbooks" and all the fun (drinking and eating) they have.  
Like a light bulb going off in her head the girl thought the name MY LITTLE POCKETBOOKS would be perfect for the soon to be blog. 
Since the girl loves purses aka pocketbooks and books it would be the PERFECT name!  
But like all new things there had to be a start date and this girl is all about the New Year's Resolution.  
So on 1/1/2012, the girl set up her blog on Blogger but was overwhelmed with so much other stuff, like finding and getting a new job that she did not launch the blog until 1/5/2012 with a post called "What I Am Reading Now..." and MY LITTLE POCKETBOOKS was born.  
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