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Monday, January 4, 2016

Diversity on the Shelf 2015: Wrap Up Post and News

Again, I know this is seriously late but here is...Diversity on the Shelf 2015 Reading Challenge Wrap Up.  
  Please have a direct link to your wrap up post to the linky.  No links to blog home pages please.  If you don't have a blog, please link to your Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook, LibraryThing or other account where you are reviewing the books for this challenge.
Books that qualified for this challenge were by people of color or with a main character of color.  All shades and races of color were welcomed and encouraged here.  If you still need more clarification on what a person of color is Click Here.
Links here are for your wrap up post that you have read and reviewed for 2015 only.  Did you meet your original goal? Did you come close?  I read a lot of books but I didn't hit my goal because I didn't review them all.  I need to count and see how many books I still need to review.  
Add your wrap up post below.

 ~ Wrap Up Post Linky ~

In other news...

Akliah @The Englishlist has so graciously taken the Diversity on the Shelf 2016 Reading Challenge over.  So please go there by clicking the button and sign up to add a bit of color to your book shelves.

I'm not leaving for good but just taking a bit of time off because work, school, book club and life are a bit much. LOL!  I am going to focus 2016 on getting the Mocha Girls Read blog up and moving.  By the way if you are looking to contribute to a site we (Mocha Girls Read) are looking for you.  Email me at littlepocketbooks at gmail dot com and let's make something happen.  
Once my last classes are complete in April and I am back from BEA16 (Chi-Town here I come), I will re-evaluate the situation and see if I can jump back on to the blog.  But for now I will be using Goodreads to keep track off your and mine reading happenings.  

Have an amazing 2016 and I will see you all at BEA16!
Bye for now.

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