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Friday, April 17, 2015

Book Blogger Hop: Sad to End

Happy Friday everyone. I hope you all have a weekend of great and fun adventures planned?  For me this is the weekend of the L.A. Times Book Fair.  I am sooo excited.

What is Book Blogger Hop all about?
Each week the host at Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted writer will prompt a new topic submit by a blogger and everyone can join in with their answers. You should join us! It's quite fun!  No really it is!

This Weeks Topic/Question

April 17th - 23rd - Ending a book I loved is sad and beginning a new one is apprehensive for me. What about you? (submitted by Elizabeth)

My Answer

from The Urban Dictionary
Yes! I have suffered from a book hangover.  For me I am sad the story is over and when I am so into it the ending is never perfect because it ends.  I always have a hard time starting a new book when this happens because I think it will never be as good as the book I just finished.  I know that the new book MIGHT be just as good and even better but the start of a new book is soo hard that I just give myself a day or two.  Just to *sigh* enjoy the after glow of the great book I just finished. 

Check this link out from Buzzfeed 


What about you?

Do you feel sad when you finish a great read? or apprehensive about starting a new book after a good book?

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