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Monday, March 2, 2015

Review: The Aloha Quilt

The Aloha Quilt Book #16
Author: Jennifer Chiaverini
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Publisher:  Simon & Schuster
Series: Elm Creek Quilts Novels
Release Date: January 4, 2011
Paperback: 352 pages
Source: Purchased from Borders Bookstore

Book Description

Another season of Elm Creek Quilt Camp has come to a close, and Bonnie Markham faces a bleak and lonely winter ahead, with her quilt shop out of business and her divorce looming. A welcome escape comes when Claire, a beloved college friend, unexpectedly invites her to Maui to help launch an exciting new business: a quilter’s retreat set at a bed and breakfast amid the vibrant colors and balmy breezes of the Hawaiian Islands. Soon Bonnie finds herself looking out on sparkling waters and banyan trees, planning quilting courses, and learning the history and intricacies of Hawaiian quilting, all the while helping Claire run the inn.
As Bonnie’s adventure unfolds, it quickly becomes clear that Claire’s new business isn’t the only excitement in store for her. Her cheating, soon-to-be ex-husband decides he wants her stake in Elm Creek Quilts, which threatens not only her financial well-being but her dearest friendships as well. Luckily she has the artistic challenge of creating her own unique Hawaiian quilt pattern to distract her—and new friends like Hinano Paoa, owner of the Nä Mele Hawai‘i Music Shop, who introduces Bonnie to the fascinating traditions of Hawaiian culture and reminds her that love can be found when and where you least expect it.


I bought this book years ago when Boarders bookstore was closing and everything was 75% off.  This was a cover love purchase and when I realized it was part of a series I put it down to search out the first book in the series.  Now that it's four years later and I have jumped around in the series, I finally finished this book. This in indirectly the book that started my love of this series so coming back to it from a long hiatus was a nice change of pace. 
Unlike the other books in the series, this one takes place on the tropical island of Hawaii when Bonnie goes to help her life long friend Claire open a quilting camp in Maui.  With Bonnie's business closing, a divorce in the works and and winter coming this is exactly what Bonnie needs to get away and still do what she loves.  Oh course things are not that clean, clear and easy.  Bonnie's divorce turns ugly and her friendship with Claire gets tested.  
I really loved this series because there was a lack in crazy and the warmth of friendship the woman have over their love of quilting. (I started and never completed my first quilt when I completed the first book.)  There is something that makes you want to be friends with all the characters.  But this one fell a bit short for me.  This story centers mostly around Bonnie.  She is so full of self-doubt and can't see what is really going on around her.  Why is this a big deal?  Well, it caused more drama and that is not like the other books.  Angry and violent ex-husbands are not an Elm Creek standard at all.  I think I would have loved to have the ex not involved and have more of the other women come to help Bonnie in the "circle the wagons", we will get him, save the day kinda thing instead. Bonnie's constant self-doubt just got to be a bit annoying and I wanted her to be her usual strong, level-headed self in the right ways. Not running from her friends when things were not 100% perfect.  The lack of other women in this book is the one thing I didn't love.  Their friendship makes the series.  On to the next book!      

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I recommend this book to older teens and up due a violent adult issue of divorce.  


This book is number 5 in my Goodreads Reading Challenge.

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