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Monday, March 30, 2015

Review: 1-900- Anytime

Author: Tracy Price-Thompson
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Atria Books
Release Date: September 22, 2009
Hardcover: 259 Pages 
Source: Free from a book swap

Book Description

From the award-winning, nationally bestselling African-American author Tracy Price-Thompson, a sexy, thrilling new novel featuring a working woman whose obsessive clients are determined to get her all to themselves.
Tracy Price-Thompson has been awarded with numerous honors for her steamy, action-packed, and culturally relevant writing. She received a Hurston/Wright Award for her insightful short story, “Other People’s Skin” and for her heart-wrenching novel, A Woman’s Worth. The Romantic Times Book Club named Knockin’ Boots the Best Erotic Romance of 2005. Now Price-Thompson returns with an exciting pageturner sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats. In Untitled, a woman turns to phone sex in order to satisfy some of her most erotic fantasies. Blessed with a silky voice, a kinky wit, and the ability to construct erotic portraits through words, she lulls men into her fantasies and builds a colorful clientele base as a phone sex worker. Her distinctive voice allows her to enthrall her clients with sexual trysts that are limited only by her imagination. But intimate attachments can be formed in many ways, even through a phone line, and to her surprise anonymous sex is not always anonymous. Her sumptuous voice and her phone skills are so captivating that two of her clients become obsessed with meeting her in the flesh. They both relentlessly track her down—one seeking her love, the other seeking her life.


I have had this book on my bookshelf for years.  I got it from a book club book swap and I took it because of the cover and the title.  It sounded interesting and reminded me of the Spike Lee movie Girl 6.
Bertha was born with a voice of an angel but was cursed with a body deformed since birth.  With the help of several surgeries and a foundation that provides assisted living, Bertha has made a life of her own.  With several steady clients, Bertha transforms herself into their fantasy girl once their credit cards have cleared.  
Overall the story was interesting, sad and very very sexually graphic.  I know you are thinking what can be so graphic about phone sex but this book says it all and leave nothing to the imagination.  Toward the first have of the book each chapter is about one of Bertha's clients and how they become a client.  I thought the writing style was easy and simple.  A quick read that will have you gasping here and there.  One thing I liked about this book was the diverse clients she had and the diverse reasons for them to call her in the first place. 
You know I am about a great ending and an ending can make or break a book for me.  The ending was so quick and everything tied up nicely.  It was a bit too predictable and I was thinking something else might come about to make it better somehow.  So for me the simple, predicable ending gave the story an overall soap opera feeling.  I mean what are the chances of them all finding out who she is.  Again a quick and easy read with some hot and graphic sex and violence.   

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I recommend this book to adult readers only due to the sexual topic of the story and violence.


This book is number 4 in my Diversity on the Shelf Reading Challenge
This book is number 5 in my Mocha Girls Read Reading Challenge
This book is number 12 in my Goodreads Reading Challenge 

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