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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Something Old, Something New #1

Around December I thought I would try to do a new feature here at My Little Pocketbooks.  Honestly, I needed something to do for Thursdays.  As you have seen before I have posted memes and other let's chit chat post on Thursdays.  But I want to do something a bit different today.  
Today I am going to feature just two things.  One will be something old/older/oldest and something new/newer/newest.  It might be a book, a purse, or just something I wanted to share with you.  Anything old and anything new counts.  I just made those rules up.  LOL!

Something Old

Valentine's Day was 5 days ago so I count this as old news.  
I had a wonderful Valentine's Day.  My honey surprised me (kinda he told me a week ago) with a trip to Laguna Beach for the weekend.  We stayed at this great hotel right on the beach.  And yes I took pictures for you.  The weather was perfect!  Of course I took a book with me and read on the baloney over looking the beach.  That was the purpose of the trip, right?  LOL! We had a great time and of course there were flowers and dinner involved.

Something New

This new weekly post!  And of course I will need a new banner for the post.  I am thinking Yellow and Blue.  As in Something Blue.  Get it!  I will let you know when I get it together.

What about you?

What old news and new news do you want to share?

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