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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Book Blogger Organization Challenge: February
This is the second month of Book Blogger Organization Challenge and it feels like a focused and organized Bloggiesta only at your own pace.  I think the next Bloggiesta will be much easier and focused now that I have so many things done.  Love it!

Blog Maintenance

1.  Update Sidebar Widgets Done!
2.  Update Footer Widgets Done!
3.  Update indexes and/or pages (reviews, features, policies etc) Done!  I just updated my Review Policy Page the others are ok.  I don't have an index just a library and it's updated.
4.  Update old reviews — update old formatting and/or graphics to current.  I like seeing my old formats and seeing the changes my blog has gone through.  So this one is a pass.
5.  Update memes/features — make new graphics to fit your current layout, update your features’ pages, make them more uniform, etc  Same and #4
6.  Update your contact info — Do you want to have contact info in your sidebar? “About Me” page? New social media icons? Add more social media links? Remove some you don’t use anymore?  I have to figure this one out. I want all new social icons.  Hmm!  Thinking.
7.  Clean up any missing images.  Working on this always
8.  Clean up broken links  I wish there was a way to do this on Blogger via a plug in.
9.  Update your SEOs Pass! Not interested just yet. 
10.  Search for other plug-ins you may want/need I want Blogger plug ins but I don't think there are any at all.  If you know of any, please let me know.

As for my other blog Mocha Girls Read I will be switching hosting company's and I will do a complete fresh start other there in April-ish when I am done paying for the one I have now.  Looking forward to getting some new, fresh energy on that site.

One thing I am doing now is backing up both blogs on the 2nd week of every single month.  I am making it a habit because you never know.  And I am backing up my computer weekly.  

How are you do you doing on your blog maintenance?

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