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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

10 Book Related Problems

Today I thought it would be fun to jump on the Broke and the Bookish meme Top Ten Tuesday and tell you all about my Top 10 Book Related Problems.  If you are a reader then I think you can related to these issues as well.  Because I know I am not alone in this.  But before I begin, a big thank you the host for giving me this opportunity to get these issues out in a positive therapeutic manner.  :) Now on to the the issues with the help of sista girl Nene Leakes.  I picked her because there are a TON! of gifs with her in them.  A TON!  Oh one more thing... these are in no particular order.
Now let's hit it.

1.  Too Many Books

There are just so many books out there.  Every single day of the year there are a ton of new books being published.  And let's not even count the books that were published before I even started reading (I was around 4), before I was born and before that.  It's shocking and overwhelming to think how many books are just out there in the world that I have not read yet. 
 Yes!  This is a book related problem.  How am I suppose to read them all.  We are talking about millions and millions of books.  It's just shocks me to even think about the number of books in the world.

2.  Not Enough Time

Unfortunately, I have to go to work because I did not hit lotto (yet).  And that right there take a HUGE chunk out of my reading.  A huge chunk!  Because sometimes I get home from work and all I want to do is go to bed.  So with work, sleep, eating and other things popping up eats into reading time and I hate to say it I don't have time for reading everyday.
  I know it's just sad.  So so So so sad!

3.  Interruptions

Like number 2 there are just too many interruptions in my day.  Last year my addiction to Candy Crush ate into way too many hours of my reading time.  That one was on me.  I am not playing anymore.  I just had to put it down.  But other interruptions are big book related problems as well.
I just need to be on a small tropical island where there are no, zero interruptions.  *breathe*  I don't know how mommy's do it. 

4.  Need More Space

Back to number 1.  I currently have a one bedroom apartment and there is never enough space but... one day.  I just need to get a house with a Pinterest like library and then all would be good.  Yes!  Right after I hit lotto. If only I had more space.  *sigh* 

5.  The Author Only Wrote...

one or two books then they stop writing or died. 
How can you just stop writing a hit and then leave me hanging? How can you?  Even a few of you stand alone authors know you have a hit and there is no follow up. None. You just leave me.  *AGH*

6.  The Others

Have you ever been reading a book and then someone ask you a simple question while you are in the middle of the interesting part?  Is it me or does it take you awhile to refocus on reality and what they are saying?
Then you have to refrain from telling them off or just yelling.
Other Person: {insert question}
You: {confused face} What?  What are you saying?
Other Person: Oh did I interrupt you?
You: {with your inside voice} Don't kill them cause you don't want blood on your book.

7.  The End

Why do some books have to end?

8.  Book Boyfriends

Are not real.

9.  I Can't Read Fast Enough

I am working on this one.  I am.  The faster I can read than the more books I can finish in my life time.

10.  Relating to People Who Don't Read

This has to be the weirdest thing but there are non-book lovers and people who choose not to read.  Why?  I have no idea.
I have the HARDEST time having a conversation with them.  No really!  I do!  What are we going to talk about.

AAA!!! I feel so much better tell you all about this.  Thanks!
Now that I have shared my bookish issues...What are your?

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