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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Book Blogger Organization Challenge: January

I decided to jump on this challenge so I can step up my blogging and get a bit more organized.  For me, I need to have things written down so I can cross them off my list. So for the month of January the challenge items I have listed here along with my notes and progress on each item in blue. 

If you want to join me and 81 other book blogger in this 6 month cleaning and organization challenge, just simply click the button up top and add your blog to the linky.

1.  Planning 2015 challenges
a.  Research which 2015 challenges you’d like to take part in.  This one was a joy to do and I started it in 2014 (around October).  I love reading challenges and last year I signed up for 13 of them.  It was a bit much so this year I am down to 8.  I hope. shh.

b.  Pick a few specific books to read each month.  Ok this one a bit harder because I am a whim reader.  I pick books on a whim mostly.  Doing The Reading Queue post every month is hard for me but I have been finding picking books ahead of time kinda keeps me organized.  So here is my list for 2015.  
January - Shadow of Night
April - Alligiant and METAtropolis (Book 2)
May - A Cold Legacy and METAtropolis (Book 3)
July -Wonder (book 2) and Fifty Shades Darker
September - Chaos Walking Series (5 books to read)
October - Parasol Protectorate Series (4 books to read)
November - Open
December - Open
The goal is complete a few (more than half) series by the end of the year.  I will have book club picks with these each month so my read list for 2015 is solid. 
c.  Schedule challenge intro posts! I think the meaning of this one is to schedule intro post for my reading challenges.  If so,  DONE!  (Click here)

2.  Picking 2015 resolutions
a.  Think about what you want to do with your blog in the year to come. (Or even the next few months) Do you have a “big picture”? Anything specific you’ve been meaning to do? (Add a new feature? Finally switch to self-hosted? Add a co-blogger? Try new genres?)  I want to host more giveaways this year (about 2 a month) and to stay focused on reading and reviewing books I have.  But most of all I want to have FUN blogging! (Zero pressure)

b.  Make a list and pin it up somewhere you’ll see pretty often (fridge, office, wall, etc) so it won’t fall by the wayside.  Ok!  I will

c.  Make a Goodreads shelf! Have some books you know you want to read in 2015? Make a list on Goodreads (or a physical list) with new or older reads that you want to read this year.  I have a list of books in my blog folder. 

d.  Schedule resolution post!  Done (Post is here)

3.  Find a buddy!
a.  Work better with motivation? Find a blog maintenance buddy & work on things at the same time!  I think I will check in with my blogging sisters from time to time to see how they are doing.  The blogging sisters are listed in my blogroll.  My schedule is all over the place right now and I can't commit to anything just yet.  Maybe when the dust settles. 

b.  Need someone to help you through some reads? Been meaning to read some big books but are intimidated by them? Grab a friend to do an informal read along! Answer above applies to htis one too.  I would love to but.... when?  Hmm!  Need to think about this one more

4.  Make plans to read and write!
a.  Not everyone does well planning ahead or writing things down with a specific schedule… but if you’re one of those people (or want to try) now’s the time to look for a nice planner. Got it.  I like printing out a page from my iCal program and penciling in post titles.  I love this system and it's so simple.  On the back I usually make a list o giveaways I will host that month, books I read and other notes.  Simple. 

b.  Are you someone like me who has a limited amount of time to read or write? Try to pick a day/time to work on blog things or to read. Make a plan so your parents/sig other/friends will know you’re busy and you can schedule around it.  I would have to say any time I get I will blog a bit here and there.  Like right now, it's lunch break at work and I am trying to knock out this post and hopefully two more.  It's a slow day!  
Then when I get home after work and the gym I might read a few pages of a book collecting dust on my nightstand.  I say a few pages because I might fall asleep the minute I walk in the door.  Didn't sleep well last night.

So January is done!  

How are you coming along with your January goals and organization?

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