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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Review: Immortality

Immortality Book 1
Author: Kevin Bohacz
Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher:  Audible Studios
Release Date:  October 28, 2014
Audiobook: 26 hours and 33 minutes
Narrator: Kevin T. Collins
Source: Free from Audible Studios in exchange for an honest review

Book Description

Without warning, something has gone terribly awry. In the remote and unnoticed places of the world, small pockets of death begin occurring. As the initially isolated extinctions spread, the world's eyes focus on this unimaginable horror and chaos. Out of the ecological imbalance, something new and extraordinary is evolving and surviving to fill the voids left by these extinctions. Evolution is operating in ways no one could have expected and environmental damage may be the catalyst. Once discovered, this knowledge changes everything....


This book was sent to me from for a review of the story, the narrator and the overall audiobook experience.  First let me say that I was shocked the audiobook was 24 hours long.  Holly cow! That is a chunky book! 
Immortality is the epic story of the days and weeks leading up to the end of known humanity and the beginning of the end of our modern day civilization.  Once people start noticing the unusual death zones around the world Mark Freedman, a famous paleontologist, is called to the CDC to help them unearth more information about the Chromatium Omri bacteria, the oldest known life form on Earth.  And the killer of us all.  This audiobook is filled with chapters from various people and their perspectives on the coming Armageddon. 
I loved the deep research and the approach the author took to get the whole thing to make sense (in the beginning).  Then something happen.  Around the time in the book the author had one of the strong female characters sitting at a campfire with a Indian Chief popping pills I was confused.  Is this the same book I started with?  It was like another complete person took over and starting writing.  The bacteria goes from something killing humanity to something that is selecting a few to restart a better human race and you can communicate with it once you take a TON of LSD.  Hmmmm?  Well??  I’m not sure that was a good route to take.  There was one more issue I had with the book.  The science of it all was a bit overwhelming at times.  If I was a paleontologist or a genetic researcher then I might ne interested in all of that detail but I am a regular reader and at times I wanted to just skip all of that to get back to the story.
The narrator Kevin T. Collins was … intense.  That is the first and only word I could use for him.  There was intensity in his voice the whole time.  I mean strong “T” in intense.  Yes.  Every single T was pronounced.  I liked his voice but there were times in the audiobook were he didn’t need the intensity and he could have relaxed a bit.  I also would have been nice to have the female parts in the book read by a female narrator. 
Overall, I am ok with the audiobook, no love not hate and I am a bit curious to see what will happen in book 2.  P.S. There is a snippet of book 2 at the end of this audiobook. 

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I recommend this book to young adults and older due to the graphic violence and some sex and strong language.


This book is number 53 in my Goodreads Reading Challenge

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