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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Golden 2015 Pocketbooks

Can you believe the year is almost over?  
2015 is only weeks away!  Weeks not months!
It's time to make those New Years Eve Party plans and figure out what the heck to wear.  My honey and I are going out to celebrate our first New Years together and I am going to treat myself to a new (yes another) purse.  I love purses what can I say.
This year no matter what I am going to wear (it will be comfy) I will have a gold clutch in my hand.  I love clutches because they are small and are perfect for everything and everywhere.  But I don't own a gold one at all.  I think 2015 will be my year of adding a touch of gold to my outfits.  There is something just chic and stylist when you see a women in jeans and a  t-shirt rocking a metallic purse.  So 2015 it will be me.  
Here are four cute ones I ran across I think are perfect for New Years and all my jeans after.
Soft Gold is so pretty and with touch of black to match anything.
Love the texture with the shininess of this one.
This one is just simple and wonderful.  Very Audrey Hepburn.
Now what girl does not like a bow. 

Now let's enjoy some golden clutch porn.
 All images from Pinterest

If you are interested in shopping for a gold clutch as well here are a few links to start with.
What color or style are you getting into for 2015?

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