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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Review: Strategic Planning for Love & War, Relationships and Adult Conversations

Strategic Planning for Love & War, Relationships and Adult Conversations
Author: Jo Lena Johnson, Steven Charles Martin and Kevin B. Fleming
Genre: Relationship Self Help
Publisher:  Absolute Good Training/Mission Possible Press
Release Date: February 28, 2012
Paperback: 190 pages
Source: Purchased from the Author at a Book Fair

Book Description

Do you want a relationship worth having? Get the help you need with Relationships and Adult Conversations, Strategic Planning for Love & War with a musical twist. The first ever...Strategic Planning for Love and War is not only a book; it's an experience that pairs life's relationships with a soulful backdrop of the best R&B music from the past 30 years. For every relationship high and low, there is a song that tells the story. Money, sex, danger, hurt, healing, the things people won't talk about, and life issues of all kinds are addressed. For those single, dating, married, divorced, looking, or anywhere in between, it's all in here. Get to the heart of why people struggle, why men and women see love and relationships differently, and what to do about it. Let the rhythm get into you. Through Relationships and Adult Conversations, have the greatest love of all.


I have attended a few book fairs in my lifetime and I realized was the first time I sat in a lecture hosted by an author to promote their book.  I have been to Q&A's, book signings, book readings but never a full on lecture to promote a book.  I was intrigued by two of the three authors of this book.  Jo Lena was really well spoken, dressed really cute and had a great hairstyle.  Don't ask but I noticed these things.  With her was author number 2, Kevin and he brought a bit of funny along with a male response to the conversation.  I was interested in reading this book since the authors had a common perspective on relationships.  So I bought it!
This was two to three years ago, so when I did get around to the book my perceptive was completely different.  See I was single then and I am not anymore.  With that being said, this book is a hot mess.  Yes I said it.  I rarely give straight bad reviews on books but I was mad at the book and myself for reading it.  

Ok here it is.  
One, there is a list of songs to go with each chapter.  Playlist of music to get you in a mood is not what a relationship book needs when you are talking about arguments and confrontations.  Fight music?  Really!
Two, the chapters are so short I felt like I was reading an outline for a real book.
Three, the grammar and vocabulary were juvenille.
Four, if you are not in a happy fulfilling relationship then why in the hell do you think it's a good idea to write a book about it.  Hmmmm?  
Five, yes there is more.  Advise like wash your feet in mouthwash and keep clean should not be a chapter in a book about "Adult Conversations" even if it's two pages long.
One more.  *breathe*   Six.  Why would you have examples not really related to the topic of the chapter with no background, intro or set up on who is giving the advise? 

It could be great advise but at least tell me where it is coming from.  I mean your suppose to be a relationship helper.  Right? 
This book is getting one star for giving one sentence of good advise on asking for something from your man.  This is good for a one or two time thing.  Something big otherwise you will look like you are hitting him up every single time you give him a compliment.  
P.S.  My honey started reading this book with me.  After a laugh or two he stopped on page 10.  I finished because I felt like I need to blog about this one. 

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I recommend this book to adults due to the content regarding sex.


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