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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bout of Books 11: Update and Winner

Bout of Books
Hi All!
Just wanted to post a few Bout of Books updates to let you know how I am doing so far. 
This Bout of Books I haven't participated as much as I did in the past.  I don't have time to try out the great list of mini-challenges. And I am doing mostly audiobooks this time so I can sit and listen while at work, driving to work, driving home from work and while at home doing housework.  Dang!  The word "work" is a bit to much.  What the ...?  What happened to just reading time?
But that is how my Bout of Books is going to have to go this time. 
So on to the updates.
My goal was to finish two books and I am happy to say those two are done.
 Now I need to find another book to complete before the 24th.  I have so many books I need to read for 6 reading challenges I have to finish.  I think I might read one from my TBR Pile challenge since that is the one reading challenge I am sooo slacking on.  I signed up to read 12 books in a year from that pile.  As of today I have only 2 done.  And by done I mean read and reviewed and posted.  I have 1 I need to write a review for.  Yep!  Only 3!  So from my TBR Pile my next read will be...
The Last Dickens by Matthew Pearl (click the cover)

I have had this book FOORRREEEVVERRR!  I bought it a million years ago from a store called Bookstar.  (This was before the Barnes and Nobles mega take over)

In other Bout of Books 11 news... I hosted a mini-challenge on Tuesday and I am so shocked at the number of people who joined in.  There were 120 book spine poems linked to the linky.  120!!  WOW!! Click here to see them all.
I'm trying to visit each and everyone of them too.  You guys have amazed me with your poems.  But we have one winner and the rafflecopter has spoken.  The winner of $20.00 worth of stuff from The Book Depository is 
and here is her Book Spine Poetry.
Congratulations Kimberly! 
I will post this weekend a highlight post of some of the poems from the other participants.  

How are you doing with your Bout of Books goals?
Happy #Boutofbooks!

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