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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday: Me and The Protagonist

Hosted by Reading Is Fun Again

Pam over at Reading Is Fun Again started this meme to get a book blogger thoughts on a few bookish things. You know how much I love sharing my thoughts/opinions on stuff, so I thought it would be perfect to add my two cents in too! Stop by her blog and join in on the Thoughtful meme.
I created Thoughtful Thursday, because bookish thoughts kept popping up in my mind while reading, and I wanted to explore these questions and get your opinions too! -From Reading Is Fun Again

Thoughtful Thursday Question

Assuming that the protagonist is well written, do you need to like the protagonist to enjoy the book? Does the protagonist need to share similar values to you or be an extension of you in some way? Can the protagonist be completely different from you and you still enjoy the book?

 My Answer


 This is a hard one.  Ok! Here are just my thoughts right off.....
I would like to like the protagonist.  And I often do.  Right now I can't think of a protagonist in a book I didn't like but still enjoyed the book.  Hmmmmm!!!  Oh Wait!  There is one.  Ready for this....
Yep!  Bella was a hot mess and I didn't like her at all.  That being said I read the series like a speed freak.  I love the series.  Strange I know.  
I love reading about people in different cultures, religions, beliefs, sex and thoughts.  It gives me a chance to see behind the curtain of a way of life I don't get to interact with on a regular base.  Honestly, I think more people need to do this.  When you read a book you get a chance to walk in someone else's shoes on your terms.  
Amy Tan is one of my favorite authors who gives me that opportunity.  
Now it's your turn. 
Does the protagonist need to share similar values to you or be an extension of you in some way? 

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