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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thoughtful Thrusday: Number of Books at One Time
Hosted by Reading Is Fun Again
Pam over at Reading Is Fun Again (great blog name) started the new meme to get a few thoughts on a few bookish things.  You know how much I love sharing my thoughts/opinions on stuff, so I thought it would be perfect to add my two cents in too!
I created Thoughtful Thursday, because bookish thoughts kept popping up in my mind while reading, and I wanted to explore these questions and get your opinions too! -From Reading Is Fun Again

Today's Thoughtful Thursday Question

How many books do you read at a time? Is there a preferred number?

My answer

I love this question because it is so easy for me to answer.  Drum roll please.....
I know that you think this is a bit odd but let me explain.  
Before book blogging and book club came into my life (pre 2011) I would read one book at a time.  I had no pressure about reading, posting, or reviews and I would just have books in my house that I wanted to read and there was nothing looming over me to complete a single one.  I had tried a few books on CD's for long road trips and that was it.
Now, I have an audiobook in car at all times and a book with me at all times.  Just those two and that is it.  Since I am a slow reader it helps me to get twice as many books completed.  

How many books do you read at a time?

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